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Top Theatre Social Media Influencers

With the rise of social media and increasingly innovative smartphone technology, it is easier than ever to interact and stay connected with your favorite people and hobbies worldwide, and theatre is no exception. For this month’s article, I’ve listed just a few of my favorite ways I like to stay connected to the theatre scene on the go with the help of social media.

Broadway Backstory, Documentary Podcast

Are you the type of person who enjoys watching the behind-the-scenes featurettes of your favorite movies more than the movie itself? Have you ever sat through a show only to spend the whole time wondering, “Whoa! How did they do that?” If you answered yes to either of the above, Broadway Backstory is the perfect podcast for you. Each hour-long episode details the story of how a show progressed from an idea to a real Broadway musical, as told by the writers, producers, and actors who made it possible. As both a theatre geek and a podcast fiend, Broadway Backstory shines as far as storytelling, narration, and production value go. There are currently sixteen episodes to binge-listen through, with a third season already in the works. Not sure where to start? A few of my favorites episodes include the behind-the-scenes stories of Legally Blonde (Ep. 7), Hamilton (Ep. 9 and 10), and The Secret Garden (Ep. 4). You can start listening to Broadway Backstory on the Apple Podcast app, Libsyn, or their website (


Katherine Steele, Theatre Youtuber

Katherine Steele is part lifestyle YouTuber, part acting guru, and full-time theatre geek. While a fairly recent discovery of mine, her Thursday uploads have quickly become one of the highlights of my week. With a carefree attitude and winning smile, Katherine tackles a number of topics, including musical theatre tips and tricks, Broadway news and DIYs, and vlogs of her own experiences as a working actress in LA. I especially appreciate her focus on positivity and love within the theatre community, online and onstage. If you, too would like to join the Theatre Thursday fam, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel at In the words of Katherine herself, “First we take over Broadway…and then the world!”



Humans of Broadway, Social Media Account

Humans of Broadway, a take-off on the extremely popular Humans of New York account, features candid thoughts and photos of a diverse cast of Broadway talent from both on and off the stage. Each post on their page presents both a photograph and a story the subject chose to share concerning their everyday lives and experiences as a performer in New York. Some posts silly, some sad, and others in-between, Humans of Broadway serves as insight into not just a performer’s brain, but the human experience in general. You can follow along on the journey @humansofbroadway on Instagram and Facebook. Vlog Series, Youtube Channel

Although every account on this list aims to bring the theatre world to life, nothing accomplishes this task better than the vlog series hosted by an array of leading lads and ladies currently performing on the Broadway stage. The vlog series, often lasting between 5-12 episodes, follow the backstage journey of one Broadway actor or actress as they get ready for the show and is usually sprinkled with a variety of special guests, backstage sneak peeks, and laugh-out-loud shenanigans. Though each host brings something unique to their vlogs, one thing is always a given–they are the closest you can get to finding out what ‘being on Broadway’ truly means day-in and day-out. The best part is that there are both completed vlog series from the past available to binge and several ongoing ones you can currently keep up with!

As the world of theatre continues to change and grow, I hope you find these tips helpful for staying informed about the newest and most sensational developments!

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