Public Relations Team Application 2018-19

The PR team will be responsible for maintaining the social media accounts of clay (Facebook + Instagram, the Forums). While the social media is directly tied to the magazine, posts will extend beyond current content. We have a vision to use social media to bring the clay community to life this year, and we’re looking for a group of people who will be able to help us do this. There are a total of nine positions on the team this year, with four separate positions. If you’re interested, please apply below.


PR Manager: This editor will be responsible for organizing the Public Relations team and editing their social media posts. Social media experience is highly recommended for this position. If you have an extroverted, assertive personality, this might be the perfect position for you!


Content Managers: There will be five content managers this year. These heads of content will each be assigned a day of the week to post for the entirety of the school-year and will work together to create a well-developed and fluid feed.


Engagement Team: Two engagement team members will commit to consistently liking and commenting on the clay social media photos, as well as to using the clay accounts to engage with the community.


PR Photographer: Although it will certainly be helpful if all Public Relations content managers have photography experience, the PR team will need an enthusiastic, experienced, full-time photographer. Our PR Photographer will provide content managers with photos for social media posts. The PR Photographer will be required to provide about sixteen high-quality and TPS approved photos per month for the content managers to use in their social media posts.


Social media experience is recommended, but not required to apply for Public Relations. All team members will be trained in social media for business before the beginning of the school year.

PR Manager applicants:

Please edit and turn in the following piece as you would for a columnist.

Everybody Has a flaming desire to appear very tall these dayes. Bajillions of women will only go out after wearing a bit of heel and children put bricks on their heads, hoping that gravity will stretch them taller. Men espeshially dread the idea that they could stand any where below five foot seven thinking that that they will live a long and lonely life, since no girl with a brain would marry a guy shorter than himself. Contrary to popular believ, however, although disavantages can exist in the life of a short person, a short stature has many unique perks such as longevity or the unique ability to develop a humble outlook on the world. Although our society tends to fear and resist it, smallness, has multiple avantages, which the petit should pride and the tall should deeply, with purpll passions, fear immensly much more than their oversizd freakishly big dark shadow, which as a short person knows, is comperable to the vally of the shadow of death in uniqueness

According to a intensive study included in the U.S. national library of medicine, those with a shorter stature tend to experience a longer lifespan (which means they live longer). Simply examining the lives of Japanese Hong kong Chinese and the Greeks, generally shorter cultural groups, reveal that they lived much longer than other races in the late 20 century. Furthermore a long study of the Okinawans reveals these small people, who’s men average four feets nine, often live into their nineties even then continuing “a high level of physical activity”. These avantages is not the result of genetics since when these ppl. migrate to foreign countries, they soon acquire many of the diseases of the host population after a few generations of intermarying with the taller people in their new homes! These advanages also aren’t due to diet changes of food although it’s notable, that short people rarely order their fries super sized. o.O Perhaps a contributing factor to a greater longevity in short people is that the tall tend to injure themselves more than shorter people who can maneuver around easily without bumping into anything, where as height provicient people tend to blindlessly ram at top velocity into furniture, walls, and other people. These findings contradict the social idea that “bigger is better” (which applies to frys and peoples’s alike!

Besides the clear medical avantages of a smaller stature. Shortness does benefit the way people view the world. Shorter people, teased often about their heights, literally have to look up to others constantly which makes them humble. My sister for example destined to remain at four foot eight forever, often needs to ask for help to reach a palate or turn off the kitchen vent. 😉 However this reliance on others has made her more humble and open to critisicm than others in our family!!! Tall people are occustomed to everyone admiring, on the other hand, their heights and viewing them as athletic. When they enter the world, employers more willingly accepts them since taller workers appear distinguished and impressive but this bias towards them can lead to an errogant attitude on the tall peoples’ behalf. While height often gives people a powerful, and domineering outlook on the world, shortness helps humanity become less puffed up and focus on the importantly things in life.

Although our society tends to ridicule shortness our cultural attitudes towards it must shift to a less biased view point (CAUSE THOSE WHO DO ARE LIKE HILLARY CLINTON). Those who stand at low heights. Should learn to embraced their shortness. *accepts the midget inside as perdestined to stand short from the foundations of the world* Additionally those blessed with a tall stature should respect the shorter for their possible superior ability to withstand critisicm and should learn from their humility.     To make the best of our heights, we should all become short people who like to stick with being short, or tall people who admire the short, small, miniscule things of life. We must simply accept the way God created us and appreciate our unique sizes for they’re many uneek blessings.

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