TPS Seniors 2018

Mark Lyford

Meet Mark Lyford!

Mark has been with TPS for 6 years and has taken a total of 34 TPS courses during his time with the school. Known to most TPSers as only Mark, he also goes by Rincavornon, King Arthur, the Eagle, Mr. Airman Basic (but come on, Drew, he’s a C/LtCol now), and the Mafia Bro, among other things. His most notable accomplishment to date is the founding of Slash n’ Shrimp, Inc., this year. A superhero company, Slash n’ Shrimp seeks to fix all things wrong with the world using only the powers of cucumbers and neon gummy worms. While his favorite Bible passage changes often, it is currently 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. When not behind a computer screen doing schoolwork (or watching YouTube, only heaven knows), Mark can be found at his piano, composing music with a guitar, playing violin as an orchestra concertmaster, or doing something with Civil Air Patrol, church, or a tennis team. An avid musician, he plays at least 7 instruments; he has played violin for 15 years. His go-to quote for high school is “The danger is here, for two men are not as lonely and perplexed as one,” from The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. It does a pretty fabulous job of summing up life with friends, for a couple of wonderful people by one’s side make life so much more manageable. A high school National Merit Scholar, Mark is now an appointee to the US Air Force Academy Class of 2022 and will be beginning basic training this summer. Following BCT, he will be active duty Air Force, studying law or engineering (tentatively) at the Academy. As his parting words, Mark would like Mr. Gilbert to know that the next GP6 update should include a mute button to at least disable the terrible music while waiting for class to begin.


Advice for the younglings of TPS:
You can stay up later by brewing new coffee with old coffee instead of water.


  1. Thanks for welcoming me into the craze of TPS 5 years ago, fam. Can’t believe we’ve never actually met (what am I saying, video calls count, right?) and honestly I think my favorite part of this friendship is that you promised to give me a ukulele so DO NOT FORGET.

    But really, it’s been so cool to watch you grow and kinda go through similar stages as me throughout high school. Figuring those out together was hard, and a blast, and something I wouldn’t trade. 🙂 Rock the AFA.

  2. ‘Twas fun meeting you and hearing your insights on photography, college interviews, and driving vans (and cheesy romance; I still haven’t recovered). See ya in June, King Arthur.

  3. You’re always going to be Mr. Airman Basic to me ;D

    Can’t wait to meet you at camp!

  4. that coffee tip is on point. just saying. xD

    *ahem* you’re going to do great things in life, man!

  6. Mark, it’s been great getting to listen to your music all year and getting to read your fantastic work from Song of Existence. I very much look forward to meeting you in June. Keep up your passions amidst whatever the future holds!

  7. Good luck at the Air Force Academy, Mark. We’re gonna miss you, but seriously, you need to get out of here. JUST KIDDING ? (also thanks for giving me the “joy emoji disease”) I’ll be praying for you while you’re gone =).

    It’s been an honor to be your sister/experiment friend/mom/however-else-we’re-related. I hope we’ll have many more days in which I get to throw fishheads and pillows at you. =O And as a youngling of TPS, I approve of that coffee tip. Thanks for being such a crazy, awesome friend!

    • I’m glad you didn’t include wife in that list…
      Sheesh I’ll miss you too! I’ll give you an address at some point maybe XD (jk)

    • LOL… I mean, I tried to get a divorce when somebody didn’t get the caramel popcorn I TOLD them to get and instead hid in the laundry room for an entire 5 minutes…so idk. -.- XDDDDDD

  8. William DeKryger

    Thanks for being the guy that can make any class fun. We’ve had four together over my four years of TPS and it’s been a blast. Thanks for helping make AP Gov one of my best classes ever. Also, thanks for making me look modest by talking about your 36 all the time.

    I hope the AFA goes well. God has a great plan for you and I can’t wait to see it unfold. Keep on seeking him.

    • I’d respond to that 36 comment but honestly this was one of the best comments so I’ll let it slide.

  9. Congrats Mark!!!

  10. Congratulations, Mark! I will be praying for you at the AFA

  11. yes to the GP6 mute button
    also argh bye :((

  12. Jonathan Reichenberger

    Tim Kaine. Tyronn Lue. Those are the real nicknames ?

    You’ve been a great friend man. I’ll never forget when we first met back in 2014 at the most truthful and not rigged competition in Jacksonville ? Every year, we’d meet up at the same place, and we’d dominate the competition (until last year *cough*). I’m blessed to know you, and I’m glad that we’ll be seeing each other for a full week at camp in just a few weeks. I know you’ll do great in college, and I know you’ll continue to post videos on IG of your expert piano skills lol. Know that I’m praying for you, and that I know that you will continue to strive to be the best person that you can be. And yes, we are still the kings of FFMC ?

  13. Brady Raccanello

    C/LtCol? Slacker. When are you taking the Spaatz?

  14. You is the best superhero pal one could ever wish for, mate, and I want to try that coffee trick.

  15. I think you might have been one of the first TPSers I met way back when GP5 still graced our laptops. It seems like such a long time ago. :O Good luck at the AFA! Keep being awesome! (& don’t flaunt that 36 too much 😉