TPS Seniors 2018

Julia Ackerson

Meet Julia Ackerson!

Julia has been with TPS for three years now, and she must admit those three years have flown by. She’s been inspired by so many TPS teachers, students, and courses that she is interested in almost everything and cannot decide on what to do for college, which some would argue is the opposite of a problem. In light of that, next year she plans on taking a gap year to work, save up for college, and in general learn how to deal with people (such a home schooler thing to say, she admits). If all goes as planned, after her gap year she’s going to study music and social science abroad at Cambridge University in London, England, and from there, see if the Lord is prompting her towards a career in musical theater, cosmetology, criminal psychiatry, or some other path she has yet to discover.

Apart from school, Julia enjoys singing (admittedly too loudly), listening to music, reading, writing, acting, art (especially makeup, which she argues is an art form) and travelling (although she doesn’t do it very often). Side note: although Julia would consider herself a generally artistic person, she is an absolutely horrendous cook. At the age of 14 she read pancake instructions wrong and accidentally made 12 pancakes instead of one and managed to burn all twelve. It’s funny now, but at the time it was cause for much distress and anguish. To this day her mother forbids her from entering the kitchen. If you can’t find Julia pursuing artistic endeavors or burning pancakes, she’s probably out with friends making horribly timed jokes or attempting a new hobby which will undoubtedly end in inadvertent failure, just like the pancake incident all over again.


Favorite quote: 

“Pessimism is basically being too inflexible or too impatient with your dreams.” (-Patrick Stump)

Don’t give up on something after the first try! The reason I got into art, theater, music, and even my passion for learning is by being patient towards something I really wanted to accomplish. If you really want something, you have to work for it. You can’t just give up.


Advice to the younglings of TPS:

I think good advice for anyone planning on attending TPS is to keep an open mind. A lot of people already have their minds made up about certain issues, and that’s great, but listen to other people’s views as well. I’ve learned that listening to and understanding other people’s perspectives is the gateway to intelligent conversation, not just arguing, and it helps you grow in your ideology. When you have to defend an idea from a new perspective, your faith grows. It’s spectacular.


  1. Jules, you’ve somehow made it onto my list of favorite human beings despite being one of the friends I have the most to learn about. I’m so so sooo glad I met you at CC and literally cannot wait to see you again this summer. (Like, I cannot. I’m honestly just going to start walking to your house right now. Because I just need some WalMart tacos–that’s never gonna die–and some donuts for breakfast.)

    • I still think it’s weird your family doesn’t eat donuts for breakfast.

      LOVE YOUUUU <3 & I'm so glad I met you too and your weird WalMart taco jokes. You're the best.

  2. Way to go Julia!!

  3. Congrats Julia, it’s a shame you we didn’t have another class together, but it’s been great to keep in touch through CC. See ya in June 😛 I’ll try to bring you some fries for your birthday

  4. Hey Julia! I’m so glad that I got to know you thru Forensic Science this year, and I wish you the best of luck next year and at Cambridge! Studying in London *heart eyes*. awww, that sounds awesome! :))

  5. It was so fun getting to do the group project with you!
    Congratulations and wow you’re so cool for going off to Cambridge 😉
    Also, great word of advice at the end. That is definitely true!