TPS Seniors 2018

Jack Waters

Meet Jack Waters!

Jack has been at TPS since the eighth grade (2013-14), and boy was it a wake-up call. He initially struggled with the workload, though in time he came to appreciate the subject matter and the homework, and he would gladly recommend TPS to anyone looking for a rigorous, Christian education. He’s enjoyed most all of his classes, though his Classical Track experience was truly wonderful and he’s become good (in-person) friends with many of those students. Classical Track was a four-day-a-week course including history, literature, English, worldview/bible, and philosophy all synthesized into a single course taught by Mrs. Huisman, Mr. Crosby, Mrs. Howat, and Mrs. Howard. He also highly recommends Dr. Juneman’s Bible Survey class and Mr. Jones’ AP European History.

Jack plans to attend Union University in appropriately named Jackson, TN this fall and major in History and communications with an eye towards ministry in the future.

Jack has loved the discussions and friendships he’s had with so many TPSers and teachers, which have made his high school experience truly memorable, not least of which was the entire clay magazine team. He wishes to personally thank Tripp and Kaitlyn for the old TPS Conservatives group and the fun debates they had, Matthew and Brady for making him look moderate on any theological topic, Jonathan and Drew for always informing him of CLM duties on extremely short notice, Gai, Allie, and cbrown3 (?Clara?) for providing thought-provoking content to the forums on a myriad of political topics, Ian for thoughtful conversation, Julia for being so very Julia-ish “abobut” everything, Haley for being a fantastic Senior Editor, Justin, Jessica, and Kevin for your assistance in the infamous Quail Pants Should Be Illegal trial, Josiah and William for being such good friends, and Raelen for being the best girlfriend, as well as the countless others that have made TPS so grand.


Favorite quote:

I think the quote speaks for itself:

“If I ever reach heaven, I expect to find three wonders there: first, to meet some I had not thought to see there; second, to miss some I had expected to see there; and third, the greatest wonder of all, to find myself there.” –John Newton.


Advice to the younglings of TPS:

Meet actual TPSers and keep in touch with them. It doesn’t have to be in that order, but get to know some TPSers that are gonna stick with the program and get to know them like you would an actual friend. I’ve had several TPSers stay at my house, and I highly encourage that so you get to know people in person that you will stay in touch with (outside of forums) even if you don’t have classes together. Several of my best friends and I are graduating at camp this summer, and I’d love for all y’all to have that same experience.


  1. Great advice, Jack! I never realized we started TPS the same year!

  2. Oh, Union? Maybe we’ll run into each other. (=

    Anyway thanks for being a great *sigh* Head SE and everything else you are for me. I’m pretty excited about next year :))

  3. William DeKryger

    I enjoyed thoroughly my consulting role writing the main argument in Quail Pants Should Be Illegal Group v. Seabolt. Someday, maybe I’ll meet Tripp so he can thank me for my role in liberating him. Fun times.

    Enjoy UU. There’s still hope for your inner Southern Baptist that needs to be let out.

    Thanks for keeping the discussion lively and always being willing to argue when it was called for and sometimes when it was not. Praying that God keeps you close to him!

    • Hahaha, glad you were able to help, maybe you’re right, maybe I just need a good jolt of Baptist-ness. I’ll always be there for you… to argue with

  4. Congrats Jack!!!

  5. Congratulations, Jack! See you again at camp : )

  6. ” and Raelen for being the best girlfriend,”
    wait the ship is real

  7. *smirks* 2017 should forgoten but the quail pants shall be remberd.

    Thanks fam 😛 and best of luck in college ahhhhhh

  8. Jonathan Reichenberger

    You know you always loved getting my TPS Chapel reminders, but I will refrain from confirming if they were on “extremely short notice” ;P

    Anyway, thanks for fulfilling your duties, and I know you’ll do great in college!

    p.s: Don’t forget to invite me to your wedding 😉

  9. Brady Raccanello

    Expurgate Heretici

    • “Explain the scriptures by the scriptures.” –St. Clement of Alexandria

    • Brady Raccanello

      “It is necessary for men to abandon impious opinion and turn from there to the true tradition.” – St. Clement of Alexandria

      Don’t you love Church Fathers’ quote wars? xD

  10. Hey!!! Congrats on making it this far! Your friendship has been awesome and I enjoyed (kinda) getting to know you. Also, your short and to the point posts in T & W are on point. *nods*

    • Hahaha, thanks man, it was cool to get to know you these last couple years over GP6, I shoulda mentioned you up there as well– stay thirst my friend.