TPS Seniors 2018

Heather Willis

Meet Heather Willis!

Heather Willis was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since the age of 1 she has loved books and cats; she learned to read early and started school at the age of 4 (almost 5), thus graduating at 17. She and her family moved to Morgantown, WV, when she was 11, but she still maintains friends in PA. Heather has one sister, who, despite being 15 years old, still loves to play, and the two create epic fantasy sagas that may someday turn into a book.

Heather has always been a bookworm, enjoying mostly fantasy books – The Lord of the Rings is her all-time favorite. In that vein, she hopes to pursue an English major next year at Grove City College as well as her declared Conservation Biology major. Heather is an INTJ: introverted, creative, a good planner and decision maker, and unusually stubborn, with people skills that could use improvement. She enjoys origami, creative writing, fencing, 3D beading, and MarioKart battles, to name a few. She was exclusively homeschooled until she started taking TPS classes in 10th grade. She has taken Pre-AP Chemistry, proudly claiming membership in the (in)famous Covalent Octopi Section #2, AP English Language, AP Biology, and AP World Literature; the English classes were her favorite.

Heather’s lack of people skills did not stop her from becoming a zoo volunteer three years ago. She had many enjoyable experiences – as well as some bizarre and some downright embarrassing – and now would like to work at a zoo for her career, as well as possibly write a book (or two or as many as she has ideas for). At present, Heather’s life is tied up in music. She takes piano lessons and sings in a children’s choir; this is the season of recitals. In addition, her parents and sister are musicians, and (partly) to honor her graduation, they are doing a family recital–which she really should be practicing for instead of writing this article.


Favorite Quote:

“At that time the humans still knew pretty well when a thing was proved and when it was not; and if it was proved they really believed it. They still connected thinking with doing and were prepared to alter their way of life as the result of a chain of reasoning. But… we have largely altered that… Don’t waste time trying to make him think that materialism is true! Make him think that it is strong, or stark, or courageous – that it is the philosophy of the future. That’s the sort of thing he cares about.” -C. S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

Whenever we encounter a new idea, we should always look at it first to see, “Is it true, as we understand that through Christ?” After that we can ask if it is practical, or spiritual, or modern, or Enlightenment-influenced. An idea can be absolutely intoxicating (to quote Ms. Wood) without being true. As Christians, we must be on our guard for temptations like that. (C. S. Lewis understood human nature very well. Read him and read Tolkien. You will not regret it.)


Advice for the younglings of TPS:

Read your Bible. It is an amazing book. So much wisdom is there for the taking. School kids never have any time–I don’t anyway–but taking time to read your Bible will be the most important thing you do today. Possibly second to praying.


  1. Oh look, it’s Rapunzel (pretty sure that was your Covalent Octopi name). Anywho good luck at GCC, it’s been a privilege to have you in 3 classes over these last 3 years. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Heather!!! So glad you were part of the Covalent Octopi. They really needed your quiet and wise influence. 😉