TPS Seniors 2018

Hannah Lin

Meet Hannah Lin!

Hannah’s story begins on January 7, 2000–the day she was born. The daughter of a pastor and home educator of four, Hannah’s life has been pretty straightforward except for the fact that she has moved from New York to New Jersey, where she currently resides. Music has shaped Hannah’s life. She spends her free time playing the piano and guitar, listening to music, and repeatedly singing all her favorite songs until her younger brother starts humming along with her. Her favorite musical artist is by far the alternative/pop/Christian band Relient K. Among many things that make Hannah unique as an individual, her more particular favorites of life include the New York Giants football team, sunshine and thunderstorms, walks on the beach, bonfires, and chocolate chip cookies. Now, as an eighteen-year-old senior, Hannah has completed four years of TPS. Out of the fourteen courses in which she has matriculated, she would choose Pre-AP Chemistry as her favorite (shout out to Mrs. Selby and all you crazy Section 2 peeps!) During her senior year, Hannah also backspaced approximately 500 semicolons as the Theology and Worldview editor for clay. She thoroughly enjoyed this experience, which has has helped her develop an even greater appreciation for the gracious critique her English teachers have bestowed on her throughout the years. This fall, Hannah will pursue a degree in biochemistry at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. She’s also considering a minor in either chemical engineering or nutrition. Once at school, Hannah hopes to participate in local ministries as well, potentially in mentoring and/or tutoring.

Favorite quote:

“The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair.” // This line from Relient K’s “Be My Escape” reminds me to treasure the unfairness God extended towards me when Christ traded his life for mine “while we were still sinners.” (See what I did there…I stuck in a second quote 😉 ) Unfairness typically exudes a negative sentiment, but it actually saved lives in this case. God’s unconventional method of salvation always amazes me.


Advice to the younglings of TPS:

// 1 // Milk the diversity of cultures and opinions in TPS for all it’s worth. Few environments allow students around the world to form deep, caring relationships with each other like TPS does.

// 2 // Just for Piper: “Don’t kiss a snail.” – Dr. R


  1. Justin Phillips

    Yes!!!! I love the Relient K quote. They are my favorite band as well. Looks like you have a bright future in front of you!!!

    • As long as I have Relient K, I guess you could say my future’s sunny with a high of 75 =) I hope you have fun in college too!

    And I see you’ve made nice use of our AP Lang word, “matriculated.”

    Thanks for being an incredibly amazing friend, Hannah!! You’re absolutely hilarious, and it’s been a blast taking AP Lang and Theology Matters with you this year, not to mention those years of “studying” Pre-AP Chem together, along with our other crazy section 2 peeps. Good luck in college, do keep in touch, and I can’t wait to see you at summer camp!

    • I considered using the other words but unfortunately, I forgot them lol
      <3 <3 <3 you’ve gotten me through some rough days, Jacey. So glad we’re friends =) I will definitely stay in touch with you.

  3. Haha, most of those semi-colons were me, right? XD It’s been great getting to know you a little bit this year, Hannah– best of luck with college! <3

    • Lol Faith, I can neither confirm nor deny that. Loved having you as my columnist, Faith. I hope you stay wth clay next year, because you’ve got so much goodness to share with this community =)

  4. Oh Hydrogen, I knew we’d be best of friends from the first time Pre-AP Chem #2 started giggling about ehhhh. (Literally I’m laughing to this day about that. Like just now it happened again.) So excited to finally meet you. Also really glad you worked for clay this year; it was such a perfect way to keep in touch. 🙂 Be awesome, fam, and find some conservative jeans please rofl.

  5. Congratulations, Hannah!

  6. ?? Love you Hannah!!!! Good luck in PA. No promises about snails though.

    • I think aquatic snails are cute. Not that I would kiss one.

    • Piper ❤️❤️❤️ Couldn’t have done this year without you, my friend.
      Kiss a snail at your own risk. You’ve been warned. ?

  7. It was great having you in AP Bio this year Hannah! I wish you good luck in your college career. 😀

  8. You’re going to GCC for biochemistry??? I’m going there for conservation biology!


  9. Congratulations Hannah!!! Josiah always kept me updated on your shenanigans, uh, activities. I can’t wait to hear how you’re doing next year 🙂

    Love, MrsS