TPS Seniors 2018

Hannah Cushman

Meet Hannah Cushman!

Hannah graduates this year from the Cushman Home School. She is the middle of five children, with two older brothers who have already graduated and two younger sisters who are currently taking classes at TPS. She has been a part of The Potter’s School for 4 years, never regretting even one minute of it (maybe not a whole minute, just a few seconds). All of her teachers have been wonderful—she’s keeping in contact with Mrs. Day of English 1 and Ms. Gaines of English 3 to this day. Outside of school, Hannah has long been a fan of sports, claiming American football, baseball, and Olympic skiing as her favorite sports to watch, though she enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee and is a passionate, die-hard (and sometimes fall-hard) skier. When most New Englanders complain about the snow, Hannah is on her knees praying for more snow! Aside from sports, Hannah enjoys traveling, photography, spending time with family, laughing, giving hugs, and eating sushi and banana cream pie (though not together).

Upon graduation, Hannah heads to Spain, where she will spend a month immersing herself in the Spanish culture and language at Colegio Delibes, a language intensive school in Salamanca. Soon thereafter, she will spend two months volunteering at a mission hospital in Honduras, helping wherever she can, while also strengthening her Spanish vocabulary (Hola!). This coming fall, Hannah plans to attend Word of Life Bible Institute in New York, as she realizes that there is no greater privilege than to study God’s Word for an entire year. She eagerly looks forward to meeting new people, being pushed outside her comfort zone, and waking up every morning to the indescribable beauty contained in the Adirondack Mountains.


Favorite Bible verse:

Hannah lists John 12:24 as one of her life verses. She recognizes the absolutely necessity of being emptied completely of herself, in order to be filled completely up with God. Surrender has been something that she has struggled with, but only until she realized the immense and fulfilling peace it brings.


Advice to the younglings of TPS:

One thing she encourages incoming TPS students to do is to wear their PJs to class (because they’re super comfortable, plus no one can see you) and do their best on each and every assignment, but leave the results up to God.


  1. The PJ opportunity has really been missed by the latest generation of TPSers– thanks for calling it out xD

  2. ‘eyyyyyy Hannah! It was awesome getting to know you last year. Have fun in Spain!
    (And the Bills will be better than the Patriots this year, you’ll see. ;D)

    • I agree! We made pretty good partners, except for the fact that we dislike each others football teams ?
      Haha, we’ll have to wait and see about that ?