TPS Seniors 2018

Halle Kill

Meet Halle Kill

Little baby Halle opened up GP4 for her first TPS class nearly eight years ago and was greeted with a chatbox conversation that went a little something like this:

“Hi Halle”

“Do I know you?

“Nope, I just like saying hi to people.”

“Okay, then. Hi Frances!”

Frances and Halle later found that they shared the same three sections of the three classes they took that year, which inspired a friendship founded on the intention of studying together, but that quickly grew into three years of long unproductive Hangouts calls each day.

Halle is in awe of the ways that God has time and time again orchestrated unexpected friendships and connections with TPSers in her life. Her first TPS friend, Frances Brown, and Halle finally met at the first ever summer camp at Miracle Mountain Ranch where the iconic cabin crew featured below was formed.

Christina, on the far left, has an older sister who Halle will attend Baylor University with the in the fall. Halle plans to study International Relations while on the premed track with the hopes of going into pediatric trauma. Second to the left is Anna Zick, who was accidentally given a black eye by Simeon Hargrave (another current Baylor student) just one day after this photo was taken. A few years ago Anna and her family visited Halle’s hometown from Italy for a wedding the same week that Halle just happened to be visiting family and a year after that Halle flew down to visit the Zicks in San Diego and ended her trip by watching Anna and Molly Weber (another TPSer) fall into a bunch of seal poop.

Memories like these are what have made TPS such a special and important piece of Halle’s life. She’s jumped into the Mediterranean fully clothed at sunset on the France mission trip with some of her now best friends, discovered that penguins have knees and raced through the snow at 80 miles per hour on a snowmobile with the Kelley family, and watched Mr. Crosby make fun of her little sister’s dodgeball skills (well-justified taunts of course).

Madame S will forever be one of Halle’s favorite teachers. She teaches with such enthusiasm and kindness and has encouraged such a deep love for the French language along with so many friendships and memories. Halle only took classes with Mrs. Habacivch and Mrs. Huisman for one year but she will forever be grateful for how they completely transformed the way she looks at understanding math and analyzing literature.’

If Halle even just typed the first names of all the people she’d like to thank, she’d exceed the word limit by about 1000, but she really is so grateful to every who has contributed to making her experience at TPS such a memorable and unexpected one. (And of course a special thanks to Raelen and Jack and the entire clay staff and readership for all that they’ve done this year.)

Favorite Quote:

“It’s not too much food. This is what we’ve been training for our whole lives. This is our destiny, this is our finest hour.”

Advice to the younglings of TPS: 


Invest in every relationship you have a chance to and journal as much as you can. I cannot count the number of incredible experiences I’ve had where I could never imagine *not* remembering it all perfectly a few months (or a year) afterward and time and time again, I find discover that my brain does not have the photographic memory I like to think that it does. It is so special to look back at big and small moments of your life and remember how you thought and felt about them back then because even if you do remember things, I can guarantee that your perspective on them will shift as time goes on.


  1. You had to use that picture.

    Love you Hal =)

  2. Can’t wait to meet you 😀 #TeamHalle

  3. Alexandra Turnbull

    I’m on the Baylor Campus every day, and I actually know Simeon Hargrave!
    It’s a small world 🙂

  4. My dad went to Baylor! And he went to medical school there too! Super excited for you, you obviously have a bright future.

  5. Hey Halle! Congrats on graduation! I loved studying French Lit with you in Mme S’s class last year! I’ll actually be not-to-far from you, since I’ll be a freshman at Mary Hardin-Baylor this Fall. 🙂 God bless you in your future adventures!

  6. Awesome!!!

  7. Congratulations, Halle! I remember those camping days!

  8. Ugh, whatta gorgeous senior editor who takes gorgeous pictures and who– random fact– has a really pretty speaking voice. Thanks for helping to make this year one of my best experiences on the clay staff.