TPS Seniors 2018

Grace Brackett


Meet Grace Brackett!

Grace grew up as a missionary kid in Croatia and has been with TPS since her freshman year. Prior to attending The Potter’s School, she had gone to a public school for eight years and was not looking forward to homeschooling. In fact, she was dreading it completely, because she knew she would miss her friends. However, she soon realized that TPS was an extraordinary community of people that would shape her life in many ways.

Grace’s teachers have encouraged, taught, inspired, and instilled lessons in her that she will be able to take beyond just the classroom. Of the of eighteen classes she has taken, she cannot name a favorite between College Psychology with Dr. Rathmell, Forensics with Mr. Ullman, English with Mrs. Frederick, German with Frau Young, Russian with Uchitel Pledger, history with Mr. Mailand, and Chemistry with Mrs. Selby. All these understanding and wise teachers opened her eyes to all the amazing things that can be learned in so many different areas of life and she is eternally grateful to them. Grace met many amazing peers and classmates—even some of her best friends at TPS!—whom she deeply cherishes and will definitely be keeping in contact with. She would never have predicted the blessing of The Potter’s School community and the kindred spirits that make TPS special. One of her favorite things was that everything was Christ-centered and that it didn’t take much effort to find like-minded Christians. Presently, she is bound for The Master’s University in California where she is originally from.

She plans to be at TMU for two years to complete her General Education before hopefully transferring to UCLA to study the Slavic Languages and Behavioral Studies. Her dream is to use her skills to analyze, translate, profile, etc. as a military intelligence officer. The Potter’s School and all TPSers mean the world to Grace and she would never be able to fully express her thankfulness to everyone for the opportunities and blessings she encountered. It has been a long journey and she will look back on the past four years as some of the best of her childhood, cherishing the countless memories and applying the important lessons she learned to her life for a very long time. She is proud to be part of the Class of 2018 and she is even prouder to be a TPSer!


Favorite quote:

A quote that has continually encouraged me is something that Charles Spurgeon once said, “I have a great need for Christ: I have a Christ for my need.” These words remind me that no matter the circumstance and despite any challenge I might be facing, I have Christ. It is difficult to know that I cannot do everything by myself, but when I stop focusing on what I want, turn my trust on the Lord, and remember God’s abounding grace, I can rest assured that He is guiding me and that I can cast my needs and worries onto Him.


Advice to the younglings of TPS:

Just be yourself! God created you in such a special way, so embrace it! Work hard, but have fun! TPS is not an ordinary school and you don’t have to look very far to find others to study with and maybe you’ll find a best friend while you’re at it! Most of all, glorify Christ. Whether it’s on the Forums, in the classroom, or in a study group, remember to be a light and a Christlike example to everyone around you.


  1. William DeKryger

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Psych with you this year. Fellow MKs are the best. I was sad to turn down TMU; it is a terrific school. I hope college and beyond goes well!

    • Pysch was so much fun!! I loved getting to hear about other fellow MK’s lives, too! I’ll be praying for your journey at Cedarville and everything after. If you’re ever back at TMU, lemme know!

  2. Hey, long time no talk!
    Congratulations on completing high school and I hope your time at TMU/UCLA is awesome!
    Best of luck for all your future endeavors; I’m sure you’ll go far.

    • hey dude!! missed you in class this year! congrats on making it through high school, :D. i know you’ll knock ’em dead wherever you go to college!

  3. Congratulations, Grace ????‍??. I’m sooooooo proud of you!!!! I’m praying that our Lord will bless you in all your future endeavors ???? I love you and your family VERY much ???. I hope to see you while you are in CA ??
    Gloria Prehmus

  4. Congratulations, Grace!
    Your career path looks really interesting. I hope the Russian classes prepares you for college 😉

  5. Annie Ruth Moore

    Grace I am wishing you well as you enter your college years. You are beautiful and precious in His eyes. You will go far keep on spreading love and light. I am blessed to know you and your family Praying for you.