TPS Seniors 2018

Stacey K

Meet Stacey K!

A resident of California, Stacey is so thankful that for the last six years of homeschooling she had with TPS. She has taken Latin, English, Music Appreciation, math, and history classes with TPS. She is truly grateful for the opportunity God has blessed her with, being able to meet international and out-of-state friends as well as learn from Godly, passionate teachers who truly care for their students. Some of her favorite memories of TPS include the first week of senior year and the times she’s had in the study rooms practicing grammar, reading books for English, and getting off track trying solving meticulous math problems. In the classroom, she fondly remembers her 5 am Western Civilizations debate when everyone was on a roll, mathematical moments with Mrs. Crosby, and listening to all her teachers (and their occasional rabbit trails). When considering graduation, she is most saddened at the thought of leaving TPS, of which she will forever consider herself an alumna. (Hopefully, she can sneak back in and take adult classes like Biblical Greek/Hebrew.) After being home schooled for thirteen years, Stacey is going to attend a local junior college and hopes to transfer to graduate school for natural medicine. She also prays she can be involved in ministry to encourage others to memorize and treasure God’s Word.


Favorite Bible verse:

John 10:10–This verse is the source of my peace and gives me a desire to live life abundantly and to the fullest.


Advice to the younglings of TPS:

Understand that each course comes with its challenges! Be willing to pick up the pieces after you fall, and remember look up to Jesus for help! Above all, remember that grades are not as important as a relationship with God and serving others.


  1. Hey Stacey, it was so good to get to know you through A&P and reconnect this semester. 🙂 I’m excited for what God has planned for you next year. You’ve got such a sweet personality, and I’m sure it’ll be an asset in whatever you do next.

  2. You rock Stacey!! Blessings 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Stacey! Those were awesome math moments : )