TPS Seniors 2018

Makenzie Davis

Meet Makenzie Davis!

She is the 2017-2018 Guest Columnist Editor and Social Media Team Leader for clay Magazine. Born in the deep south of Louisiana, this senior is a seventh-year TPSer. One of Makenzie’s favorite classes from her time with TPS was College Psychology. She thoroughly enjoyed studying the human mind via in-class discussions and fondly remembers the bond she formed with her teacher, Dr. Rathmell. Makenzie has had an interest in nursing as long as she can remember and plans to go to the University of Louisiana in Lafayette next year to major in nursing. Although she’s only eighteen, this oldest of five proudly describes herself as an “old soul.” She loves antiquing because each piece comes with its own unique story. Makenzie treasures family heirlooms and little curiosities. Out of all her relics, Makenzie’s record collection, her grandfather’s senior jacket, high school ID bracelet, and camera collection mean the most to her. She also has a passion for old music, especially bops from the 1960s. Though she listens to a plethora of artists, Makenzie particularly favors the Beatles and Elvis Presley. Besides antiquing, Makenzie also dances, plays piano, sews, and rides horses. Makenzie remembers being given the nickname “Mak” by her kindergarten teacher. Ever since that day, Makenzie’s friends have stuck pieces of cheese in her hand at random occasions, calling her “Mak ‘n’ cheese.”

Favorite Bible verse:

This joyful ISFJ cherishes the benediction found in Romans 15:13: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” This verse was shared with Makenzie during a troubling time and has been something she has clung to ever since. Not only does this verse mean a lot to her because of the one who shared it with her, but she is reminded that every day Jesus walks by her side and guides her.
Advice for the younglings of TPS:
TPS has really taught Makenzie how to manage her time. Makenzie would recommend keeping a precise schedule of what to get done each day to stay caught up, and follow that schedule throughout the year! Of course, if things need to be adjusted, they can be, but routine has helped her to minimize stress and stay ahead of her coursework!


  1. MAKENZIE love the bio lol. Congrats on conquering high school! You’re incredible, my honorary Asian friend 😉

    • Ah, Hannah!! Thank you! Same to you. High school is an incredible accomplishment and I cannot wait to be updated on all that you do in college! So excited for our next steps!

      You’re the best, my true Asian friend. 😉

  2. MAK I’m sorry about the Asian incident, *hides head* but seriously, thank you for putting up with me and the other senior eds this year as we struggle through what in the world to do with the WWW in relation to the magazine. You were amazing, so smooth, and I wish you the absolute best of luck, girl. Keep on being your sweet, confident self. 🙂

    • also the letterman jacket is amazing and I want one.

      • RAE omg you have me in like those happy/sad tears and like the omg i’m laughing so hard kinda tears! This year has been such a sweet time for me and I cannot thank y’all enough for the opportunity to work for Clay Mag. You’ve been nothing but helpful.

        Thank you so much for your encouragement now and this past year. Please keep me updated about your life and new experiences at college!!

  3. It was fun getting to know you this year, Makenzie! Congrats on graduating! & good luck in all your dreams & endeavours!