TPS Seniors 2018

Joshua Wang

Meet Joshua Wang!

From the outside, Joshua is unmistakably an ordinary Asian 17-year-old. Since age six, he has been rigorously pushed in academics under the constant surveillance of his mother and five fruitful years at TPS. His favorite classes are AP Literature and AP Language taught by Ms. Wood and Mrs. Troxell respectively, both of whom are intelligent, talented, and meticulous teachers with very similar voices. He also wears glasses and practices the piano when mom tells him to. Deep down, however, Joshua enjoys playing sports immensely, but before he came to this realization, he was already in his seventh year as a home schooled student. Having participated in competitive swimming, speed skating, and youth soccer, he also loves playing ultimate Frisbee while attending summer camps in America throughout the years. In the recent years, he also fell in love with college football (not so much with NFL; most of the jerseys are really ugly) and wasted a lot of time watching highlight clips on YouTube. Now, Joshua hopes that with some practice, he could join the football team of Davidson College, which he will attend in Fall 2018, as a bench warmer. As a graduating senior, he will keep this lesson in mind and as he prepares to make the best out of the next four years in sunny North Carolina.


Favorite Bible verse: 

Rev 21:7 — Those who are victorious will inherit all things, and I will be his God, and he will be My son.


Advice to the younglings of TPS:

Stay away from YouTube, kids. Especially away from sports channels. You will waste a lot of time.


  1. Thanks for writing for clay this year, Josh. Good luck at Davidson!

  2. Congratulations, Joshua!

  3. I’m glad to have been in classes with the next Rudy đŸ˜€ If you don’t get that reference, go watch Rudy hahaha. Roll Tide đŸ˜›