The Secret Behind “Opera’s” Herb

Some of you who listen to the music I compose are probably wondering how I come up with the ideas. Thanks to Oprah and one very special herb, inspiration comes easily.

Oprah? You may be wondering what she has to do with my composing process–well, Oprah’s “thyme saver” not only saves me from having to spend an enormous amount of energy thinking about a composition, but it saves my precious thyme, which I can then use to do my school.

Oprah’s Herb Preserver is quite powerful. However helpful this herb preserver is though, I must be careful not to take too much of its contents, otherwise I’ll end up writing very depressing songs, and come on, no one likes a sad song. I mean why would you want to feel sad? But that’s beside the point.

Not only does this herb preserver benefit the composer who composes music instead of doing homework *ahem*, the preserver leaves the herbs with a scent so strong and pungent, it often travels around the house. My other family members who smell the fresh herbs often improve their current occupation whether it be school work, dish washing, taking care of a baby brother who likes to throw objects and order us to retrieve them, and so on. Perhaps this discourages you—especially since you may not want a young toddler learning bad lessons. Nevertheless, this preserver is sure to be an asset

So, how did I find out about the magical properties of Oprah’s herb preserver? From one of the greatest classical violinists Hilary Hahn of course! For some reason, her sweet, aromatic personality reminded me of an herb that happened to be at a grocery store I visited. I discovered that this particular herb that reminded me of Hilary Hahn was called “Opera’s Herb.” Wow, what a startling coincidence. Oprah, opera…get it? I asked my mom to buy the herb. Now, every time I compose something, I take a smell of the plant and begin writing. I wouldn’t suggest you try doing this without consulting a doctor, asking your parents, blah, blah, blah. But maybe, dear music lovers, you should try doing this sometime. Just maybe.

Seriously, Oprah’s Herb Preserver does wonders for my Opera’s herbs. After all, it keeps my herbs perky and fresh, and those herbs affect me as a musician and composer. Ever wonder why opera singers always sing with such a powerful voice? That’s all thanks to Opera’s Herb, which I mean are no doubt kept in Oprah’s favorite herb preserver. I hope that you will one day try making use of this plant and preserver. The benefits are innumerable.


About the Author:

Name: Jenna Koo

Age: 15


English 3 Lit. Survey, Starting Points, Pre-AP Biology, Spanish 2, Geography for High School, Geometry Honors, and U.S. Government.


How many years have you been apart of TPS?

This will be my fourth year. Go TPS!


What are a few of your hobbies or favorite things?

Playing or composing music, learning more about God, exercising, spending time with my family, and reading

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