Nathanael Petucci: A Chill Guy

Nathanael Petucci is a pretty cool guy, if you ask me. Almost as cool as a suburbian house when you leave the deep freezer open.

I got to interview him this month, and honestly, he gave in-depth responses to a couple of the questions. And by in-depth answers, I mean deep ones. Deeper than a deep freezer loaded to its brim with way too many Christmas cookies from past years.

Trust me. I have experience with that, unfortunately.

Anyway. On to this month’s interviewee (if that’s even a word.)

Nathanael’s a sophomore in high school, and will be a junior in short order. He would like to study foreign policy, economics, and entrepreneurship in college, majoring in Political Science.

He would like to start his own online entertainment business in the future, in the mould of “The Morning Kumite”, “/bybs/”, “The BA Experience, and “Warski Live”, making an internet version of morning radio and commentary on modern politics and culture.

Nathanael was born on November 29th, 2001 in Memphis, Tennessee, but he currently lives in Florida, which he claims to be overrated and lacking in the field of culture.

Come to think of it, neither Tennessee or Florida are very cool places. As I write this article, they’re both balmy, perfectly sunny, and cloudless. Living in either place, you have to be careful to store your food carefully or it’ll go bad very quickly. A deep freezer is a perfect solution, both compact and cool. There’s one on Amazon for only like 850 dollars. Definitely a worthy investment.

Nathanael enjoys people, politics, theology, philosophy, comedy, horse riding, swimming, playing soccer, and singing. Not to mention my personal favorite: ice skating.

Whenever I hear “ice skating,” I think of that one Tom & Jerry short when Jerry floods the kitchen with water and puts the wires from the freezer into the water to make the entire kitchen an ice rink. It’s a pity it wasn’t a deep freezer, because that would have improved the whole cartoon about thirty times, but you know, I’ll take what I can get.

Nathanael likes a wide variety of music, but he especially enjoys synthwave, vaporwave, hard rock, metal, mashups, and parody music.

I have to admit – metal has some chill electric guitar riffs and beats. Not quite as chill as a good ol’ deep freezer, but still. They’re solid riffs and drumlines. Not to mention the vocals. They really put the rest of the music world on ice.

Nate also likes The Dark Knight, The Godfather, and The Godfather Part II as far as movies go, and currently he cites The Consequences of Ideas by the late Dr. R.C. Sproul as his favorite book.

Nathanael’s taking English 3 Literature Survey (Honors), Chemistry, Geometry, and History this year, and he enjoys History the most.

(I would make another freezer pun here, but this article is already on thin ice as is.)

His personality type is ENTP-A, which is the general type for extroverted and strong-willed debaters. Nathanael also tells you all to “make of that what you will.”

I don’t know what that means, because my skull is about as thick as a six inch hamsteak, which is the kind of thing that can only really be stored in – yeah, you guessed it – a deep freezer. Which you should definitely look into purchasing if I haven’t subconsciously influenced you enough already to do so. And yes, there is a halo above my head right now. (Just in case you were wondering.)

Nathanael’s favorite Bible verse is James 1:19, which says this in the English Standard Version: “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, [and] slow to anger…”

Since I can’t really summarize his thoughts any better than he can, I’m just going to be cheap and copy and paste his answer into this article. I’m slick, okay?

Nathanael says this: “It’s my favorite verse because it so succinctly illustrates how we must behave in order to have successful discourse in any scenario. Approach the other person with intellectual humility, making sure you listen fully to what they say in order to understand them correctly, the first time. Second, be slow to talk yourself. Don’t be quick to say something unless it’s absolutely pertinent to the conversation at hand and will propel it forward. Lastly, and most importantly, be slow to anger. Anger is what leads to people talking when they shouldn’t and not listening when they should. It’s the ultimate stumbling block that makes any discussion unproductive. If we lose ourselves to this emotion, we become blind to what the other person is saying, talking over them to make ourselves heard and only desiring to be seen as correct even if what we’re arguing in favor of is actually incorrect.”

Like I said, Nathanael’s responses were deep. Deep, like, deep-freezer. Deep-freezer, like where you store popsicles if you live in Ventura and go surfing. Because who doesn’t do that, right?

All right, now that I’ve bored you with this infomercial for deep freezers (one of which you should definitely purchase – I’m fond of the iDeepFreezer, but to each his own), it’s time to end this article.

Now, I already knew that Nathanael was a chill guy (deep-freezer level chill), but the quote he left for the readers cemented this in my mind even more.

“The people who truly suffer most in life are the ones who can laugh and find joy the easiest.”

It might sound a bit cold-hearted, but I guarantee you, Nathanael Petucci is one cool guy.


  1. HAHA I love this !

  2. OMW I really really liked this article . . . probably cause I’m just a wee bit biased. xD

  3. Gabe…. *headdesk* the puns ;_;
    Altho good on on Nate.
    ALTHO “go-purchase-a-deep-freezer-they-only-cost-like-850-dollars-on-amazon/” DO YOU THINK ANY OF US HAVE 850 BUCKS JUST RANDOMLY LYING AROUND

  4. *One, dangit

  5. OO look it’s my brother. This is pretty much what he is like irl.
    Good article tho. lol

  6. haha The Tom & Jerry reference is so true. xD

  7. how much is the iDeepFreezer? and what if I want an iDeepFreezer+, is that a possibility? xD