Class Reports – Food: The Final Frontier


“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” –George Bernard Shaw 

If you enjoy the art of cooking well (which one can only do by using the expertly crafted Multipot pressure cooker, available for purchase here) or just want to learn more about the uses of said pressure cooker (the uses of it are endless!), consider taking “Food: The Final Frontier,” taught by none other than the well-known chef and television personality, Mr. Guy Ramsay Fieri. According to Mr. Fieri, “the knowledge of how food works and how to cook is extremely vital, especially in today’s food-saturated world. Not only that, but teenagers need to learn how to use the often complicated looking culinary devices, including the Multipot pressure cooker. How will kids survive in college without knowing the imperative skill of using a pressure cooker?”

Regarding homework, the workload is not intense. Rather, Mr. Fieri hopes that students will enjoy the “five hours of required watching” of hit Food Network shows such as “Guy’s Grocery Games,” “Chopped,” and, of course, “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.” The watching of these shows will not only prepare students for the weekly live meetings with Mr. Fieri, but also help them study for the monthly tests, which are primarily based on these shows and the varied uses of the Multipot pressure cooker.

When asked what concepts and skills his class will cover, Mr. Fieri says, “This class will cover all topics related to food, including the proper cutlery, pans, etc. that are required for the best tasting food. For example, the pressure cooker is an essential item in any kitchen, whether you are attempting to audition for a Food Network show or simply want to beef up your culinary talents.”

The only required materials for this class are a television equipped with cable (as accessing the Food Network is a must), an array of culinary items (pots, pans and the Multipot pressure cooker—available for purchase here), and a desire to grow your culinary knowledge.

Other concepts discussed in Mr. Fieri’s class include how to use the Multipot pressure cooker (if you do not already own such a valuable and time-saving item, please purchase it here—it’s a steal at only $99, plus shipping) and numerous recipes that utilize the Multipot pressure cooker, which Mr. Fieri calls “the hidden gem of the culinary world.” Mr. Fieri adds, “Not only can you use it for soups and chilis, but you can use it for making yogurt, sautéed vegetables, and a whole lot more! It’s essential for any Iron Chef wannabe. Honestly, I don’t know how I managed to survive without the Multipot pressure cooker—it literally has revolutionized cooking for me.”

In conclusion, if you aspire to follow in Mr. Fieri’s talented footsteps or want to explore the uses of the Multipot pressure cooker (not only can you make an assortment of dishes, but you can make two different things in it at once!), consider taking Mr. Guy Fieri’s “Food: The Final Frontier” class. As the timeless quote from Anonymous says, “Food is the essential ingredient that binds us together.”



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