A Tragic Baking Mistake Solved

“Every time I crave that buttery, flaky goodness, I pull out the flour, butter, salt, and other ingredients. I form the dough and get ready to put it in balls in the cooking pan. Each cookie is a different shape and size. While one burns, the other is not cooked enough. Please advise.” -Anonymous

How many times has this happened to you other bakers out there? I understand what it is like. I do crave a perfectly butterfly shaped cookie.  You do not want to give up making cookies, but it is simply hard to endure the heartbreak of uneven cookies. Well I have some advice for you: buy a biscuit press! They make biscuit and cookie forming easy and fun!

Don’t know how to use a biscuit press? It’s easy and I’m here to help you. Take your press, unscrew the tip, and pull back the metal so that the tub is open. Push your dough into the press. Then add your favorite shape: a heart, simple circle, tree, pumpkin, etc… The list goes on! Once you choose your shape, screw the ring on the shape to hold it in place.

Now the fun begins! Hold the press in your hand and face it down onto you cookie sheet. Press the trigger once and lift up to reveal a biscuit in the shape of your choice. Continue until you fill the tray. Bake according to the biscuits’ recipe and you’re ready to enjoy those biscuits.

How do you clean a press? Unscrew the ring and take of the shape. Pull back the metal rod and then scrub the inside of the press, shape, and ring.

Why should you use a press? It makes baking easy, which makes life easier. No longer will you take hours and hours in the kitchen forming only one cookie. It will only take you a few seconds per cookie. Your life will become easier because you don’t have to worry about time when baking. You know that with your biscuit press, you can beat the clock and finish way before you could have if forming them by hand.

You see, rather then forming each cookie by hand, you can create a tray of cookies in less than two minutes. You can save half an hour or more when you use a press. Overall, a biscuit press is easy and shortens your baking time. You can try all different shapes and sizes of cookies.

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