Undercover Boss

After a brief intermission, we are back with week two of our The Crock Pot video series. This week features the culmination of Raelen’s and my schemes (and in our completely unbiased opinion)– it’s worth the watch.



  1. BAHAHAHAH xDDD *dies laughing*

  2. Oh goodness. Hahaha, I actually noticed the photo thing, but I didn’t want to bring it up because I figured, oh, I don’t know, Halle and Annalee are friends and have been taking photos together? 😛 (and the name… I admit I was curious….) You two are amazing.

  3. Grace Bettencourt

    *Clicks Video, Dies Laughing*

  4. Nice anagram hahahhaha omw

  5. LOL
    A conspiracy under our noses XD
    So funny! Love the costumes!

  6. Oh my gosh y’all, you’re hilarious XDD. I’ve known since before Christmas cause apparently some people are bad at keeping secrets, but I had no idea that her name, location, and birthdays were that well thought out, bahaha.

    Also, Fallon is adorable. XDD

    • Yep, and you told me XDDD This was just such an ingenious idea. I’ll give you credit for that

  7. I’ve known since October because of someone’s inability to keep a secret as well xD also, Piper Boykin helped me discover that Rae and Annalee always had the same IP address 😉 so much for no one finding out haha

    Rae and Halle, Fallon really stole the spotlight this time. Thanks for making my day y’all.


  8. I only knew because Rae told me XD (but that was only a few weeks ago)

    Also, I can’t believe Jack didn’t stalk the your other tabs in that screenshot, Rae xD Almost everyone I know would’ve been checking the other tabs and stuff xD *coughs at Isaac*

  9. *nods* Being Raelen’s sister, I couldn’t help but know the whole time and it was amazing seeing them write articles and email and chat Jack as Annalee. I myself had the honor of chatting him under her name a few times xD

  10. Is this an April Fool’s joke? Is Annalee actually real? I feel like I’m in the Matrix xD.

  11. If my adoption of Jeremy Koo doesn’t go through, I’ll be applying for Fallon. *noddeth*

  12. Just looked up all articles by “Annalee”… Still confused…. XD

  13. omw you guys are amazing xDD