The Meat Mallet – Weapon of the Future

In recent months, the US Army has recently issued its newest weapon to all oversees forces and will do the same to troops in America in coming year.

This article would be the M19-34 “Meat Mallet” or meat tenderizer. It was officially constructed by the US Army because the “modern fighting force lacked quality food preparation tools on the front lines,” according to military insiders. “The military is composed of regular people, many of whom have incredible skills as chefs and bakers.” So the intent for this meat pounder is to put to use the culinary skills of the infantry. They will be able to prepare food from home and tear through the connective tissues of their fresh meat in 5-10 quick strikes. Studies have demonstrated that quality sustenance will significantly increase the combat capabilities of the American soldier, which further validates the production of this piece of equipment. 

This product was initially inspired by the World War II German M17 “Potato Masher.” Germans also have a real appreciation for excellent sustenance while on the march and nearly every soldier carried them. However, this model had a tendency to explode and could not be used to flatten meat. 

Nevertheless, now the modern force will receive a new, causality-free prototype. 

The details: the Meat Mallet has a silicon handle specifically designed for use with combat gloves. The stainless steel finish, although not adding to the tool’s productivity, certainly adds to its aesthetic appeal.. It is double-sided with a flat, smooth end and a pointed opposite side. In addition, at the handle end, there is a small metal loop so that it can be easily clipped onto a belt or pack. Finally, besides its intended use, this pounder is an ideal weapon in hand-to-hand action.  Similar to the World War I trench mace, it will be effective against any close combat situations. 

In a test scenario, one soldier used the mallet to extricate out barbed wire stakes instead of with a shovel or wire cutters, thus allowing his platoon to proceed. Another used it to break locks on doors in an urban combat training session. Others have used it to dig foxholes, fix armored vehicle tracks, or even fix jammed gun barrels. Without a doubt, the possibilites for this multitool are endless.

As military weapons experts have stated: “This is the infantry weapon we have been waiting for.” 

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