From the Pestle to Your Phone

Throughout history, the mortar and pestle has been used in various methods from mixing guacamole in Mexican restaurants to preparing chemicals in a science lab. This device is usually known as an old-fashioned kitchen item that can crush herbs and spices. It can also be used to make a delectable pesto. In chemistry, the mortar and pestle grounds the reactants before a lab for the process of solid state synthesis. However, today’s scientists have discovered a use that will change the way households will charge electronic devices and much more.

Imagine having a workout and charging your phone at the same time!

The pestle, the component which grinds the herbs, will have a microchip attached that has the capability of producing an electric field or current. The microchip will be made of a very resistant silicon material that can withstand the pressure of the impact when the pestle hits the mortar. The electric current is created every time the pestle is ground against the mortar. To charge a phone, for example, the power cord will plug into the handle of the pestle, and the phone will charge as one uses the pestle.

White Marble Mortar and Pestle

If one needs to mix guacamole or crush pepper, the phone can be easily charged since every turn of the pestle produces approximately 3-5 watts per turn. A regular phone charger produces about 5 watts which is needed to efficiently power the device. However, since one will have to manually create the electric current, the process will provide a great arm workout!

This method has many benefits, including conserving a household’s electricity, charging a device in thirty minutes, and gaining amazing exercise. The cost for this unique mortar and pestle is about $2500 for a quality granite edition. for those of you who are not dedicated enough to the mortar and pestle to realize how small a price this is for such a superior product, there are some primitive, yet acceptable options. Since the size of the microchip can vary the price also can differ. Usually, the microchip is extremely small and the cost is from 200 to 300 dollars. One should expect a price around 2800 dollars when purchasing this edition of the mortar and pestle.

The mortar and pestle also serves as a great speaker!

For an additional price, the mortar can be insulated along the outside and once the device is placed inside, the sound is clear and loud.The sound is exponentially superior to that of an electronic speaker, since the mortar’s shape functions as a natural mini amplifier. The exercise gained by using the pestle is enhanced by the music emitting from the mortar. Additional to the workout, the user gains experience in hand-eye coordination by grinding the spices around the phone while leaving the phone intact

In conclusion, while the mortar and pestle already has an impressive history as essential tools in kitchens and chemistry labs, its newest technological updates will cement its importance in the modern world. Make sure to visit your nearest Pampered Chef or Williams-Sonoma to find and purchase this amazing life-changing product.



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