Photography Contest Winners

Thanks to all who entered the contest this year! Without further ado, here are the winners:



1st place: Jonah Masson

2nd place: Natalie Copeland

3rd place: Nyah Rizzuti

Runners up: Ellie Wiedow, Lauren Grace Niesent


1st place: Isaac Tan

2nd place: Mia Moses

3rd place: Jonah Masson

Runners up: Rachel Beth, Caleb Cauley, Natalie Copeland



1st place: Jonah Masson

2nd place: Anna Chan

3rd place: Lauren Gesler

Runners up: Timothy Baker, Rachel Beth



Winner: Caleb Cauley



1st place: Jonah Masson (Landscape entry)

2nd place: Isaac Tan

3rd place: Anna Chan   


  1. Great pictures y’all! Congrats Jonah, Isaac, and Anna! =)

  2. Congratulations Isaac, Jonah, and Anna! Your photos are awesome! I think they deserve to be National Geographic.

  3. Fabulous pictures y’all! Congrats to all who entered, and especially to Jonah, Isaac, and Anna! Y’all are amazing!

  4. dudeeeeeee you guys killed it!

  5. AHHHHHH these photos are so good I love them ahhhhh great job everyone! *runs around screaming*

  6. These are awesome!!! Great job everyone!

  7. Whoa, gorgeous work, guys.

  8. Great job guys! These are great!

  9. These are amazing ~ such talent! Can’t wait to see how God uses this in your life.

  10. Wow, everyone of these photographers obviously put a lot of effort into these. Great job photoraphers!

  11. That lens ball tho 😉

  12. Props to my boy Jonah. Way to go, dude! You *bowled* over the competition with a lens ball! (no offense to everyone else.) Congrats to all those who placed, but that light painting is really cool, too!

    Ethan out. *mic drop*

  13. Nice job Jonah, Isaac and Anna! Your pictures are super amazing and portray so much talent!
    Good job again!

  14. These are amazing!!! Y’all deserved your rewards @Jonah Anna and Isaac

  15. Congratulations ya’ll!! Those pics were amazing!!

  16. Thanks, guys! Congrats to everyone else who won or were runners-up!

  17. Amazing pictures! Y’all have a real talent for photography! (my photography talent extends to quick selfies with friends on my phone XD)

  18. Amazing pictures y’all!

  19. Those are some wonderful pictures! Great job guys!

  20. Wow Jonah you really owned this. xD

  21. Congrats y’all! I really enjoyed looking at all the pics!

  22. These all look great!

  23. nice Jonah!!!!!!

  24. Good Job guys!! This is really good!!