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Sing the Distance Away

This song was inspired by long-distance friendships, specifically those made because of TPS!


About the Artists:

Name: Mark Lyford

Age: 17

I’ve been with TPS for 6 years, and I am taking 7 classes: AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus BC, Spanish 2, Creative Writing, Worldview Through Media, and College Psychology. I enjoy making music (obviously), playing tennis, hanging out with friends, and driving cool cars.


  1. Markkkk Reighaaaa this is beautiful, y’all did a great job with it. More?

  2. I have these two as classmates… CW #1 is literally the best. =D

  3. Great song! Is the cover picture of the song an actual photo of Mark and Reigha, or just a stock photo?

  4. Fabulous do you have like the lyrics?