Announcing a Name Change . . .

Watch the video below to learn more and get involved!

*SOME jokes by Jack Waters

** NOT all

***Movie editing by Halle Kill

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  1. Y’all are amazing XD

  2. *applauds* nice, Jack 😉

  3. Y’all are terrific xD

  4. I vote for the Carly Rae Jepsen Crockpot: plays Carly’s music while cooking

  5. Nathanael Petucci

    You can tell how hard Marlee was trying to keep a straight face for this.

  6. this is awesome xD

  7. oh my worddddd

  8. “If you’re tall but want to be short”
    Amazing job guys XDDDD

  9. Jonathan W. Stone

    I approve of how the camera pans out for that last punch-line xD makes it even better.

  10. “…or you live in Singapore”


  11. That last part was ze best *nods*

  12. like just about literally rolling-on-floor-laughing…love the puns…. XDDD *dies*

    btw…is this another afd joke? CUZ IF NOT-…then don’t change the name. *notices Jack’s clay. sweatshirt*

  13. y’all have a p saucy sense of humor

  14. Oh my stars. Those last jokes though. These are great.

  15. Lol this is so funny!

  16. hahaha jack, this is awesome!!! XD

  17. Wow….

    I can’t even. It was great!