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I fail myself

I fail myself

my ambition swallows me whole sometimes

leaving nothing in my place except for my shoes

loose from the floor

but ready to explode away at a moment’s notice


my ego flies me to cloud nine sometimes

nothing staying on earth

except for the people

that I discarded in the process


my words run away from me sometimes

escaping from my mouth

when I don’t think that I mean them


(but maybe the words that come the easiest

are the real parts of me)


my self-consciousness eats away at me sometimes

like destructive acid

making think that I should be stronger than this

that I should be better than this


my independence isolates me sometimes

pressing on my solitude

until I’ll never admit that I need someone

no one except for myself


my mistakes overwhelm my life 

reminding me of things that are higher

away from this world

that will never fail me no matter how many times


I fail myself

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  1. Wow, this is beautiful!