Meet Ms. Wood: Our Movie-Loving Literature Teacher

Meet Mrs. Louise Wood, TPS’s movie-loving English teacher.

Louise Wood was born in “The Thumb,” Michigan in the 80s and grew up in a Methodist family in the little town called Frankenmuth. Her family moved overseas when she was a teenager which led her to graduate in Tokyo, Japan. During her teenage years Louise decided to travel all across the globe teaching.

She went back to America to study at Hillsdale College for an English major and a Spanish minor. In graduate school, Ms. Wood studied interdisciplinary Western lit at St. John’s College, Santa Fe. She found her studies of Newton’s and Hegel’s books fascinating.

During her time in grad school, Mrs. Wood found a powerful renewal of faith in the Church of England, blown away by the service and connection with the body of Christ. Now, she continues to be blessed and humbled by God and His people.

After college, she had a career in finance for about 10 years. During those ten years, Ms. Wood decided to get married instead of travel. She settled down in outside of Denver, Colorado with three rambunctious boys and a wonderful husband.

An acquaintance of Ms. Wood told her about TPS, which led her to look for the school and apply for a teaching position. She loves teaching English here along with getting to know her students and colleagues.

Ms. Wood describes herself as a cranky introvert—unless, of course, when the subject is literature. Speaking of literature, her favorite book is Moby Dick. For an English teacher, she loves movies, usually one with aliens and/or robots. Out of all the movies she has watched, Russian Ark has struck her the most.

Unfortunately, she does not like Finnish-Chinese fusion tacos as her favorite food but prefers a medium-rare steak instead. Ms. Wood also likes cats, even though she cannot have a pet. Although she wears black to make fashion life simpler for her homeschooling-mom self, Ms. Wood prefers the color blue.

In her free time, Ms. Wood enjoys watching many movies and going out on a 90s cliché “dinner and a movie” date nights with her husband. She reads a great deal of books and loves to laugh and talk with friends while the kids run around playing. In the summer, she likes spending time outside with the “special magic [of] a ballpark on a summer night.” For the Olympics, Ms. Wood enjoys watching the serious faces of curlers while they are engaging in such a hilarious looking sport.

“The books aren’t going anywhere,” Ms. Wood says, encouraging us to read books, even hard ones that are not assigned, like the Odyssey. “And if you come back to it after life has punched you in the gut a few times, you’ll find that it means a lot more to you than it did [before].”

As for Valentine’s Day, Ms. Wood encourages students to “love your family, love your friends. Don’t feel obligated to ‘be in love’ because a publicly-traded corporation wants you to spend $3.99 on a piece of cardstock,” especially when there are so many others to love and cherish.

Her favorite verses can be found in the first lines of John, where it talks about the Word that reflects the words she reads, talks, and thinks about. “God IS. God SPEAKS. God CREATES…Story, language, words—they are a fundamental part of human life. We use words to understand, to explain, to make sense of our lives. And who is Jesus? He IS the Word.”


  1. Great Article Aina! This is very well written. Ms. Wood sounds like a great teacher!

  2. Great article! 🙂 Love Ms. Wood, she brings such a perfect balance to the class room!