On Updates & Site Quirks

You may have noticed some changes in the website of late–actually, we’d be surprised if you hadn’t, since it’s entirely different (in this case, you may consider obtaining reading glasses). Quite a few of you asked if the site was down, so hopefully you’re reassured and ready to keep reading. We’re excited about the simplicity of the new layout. It should help you find your favorite old articles, as well as the brand new ones you’ll come to love.

In the transition from one theme to another, there were a few bumps, but over the next couple days you should see these ironed out for maximum enjoyment and minimum effort. With questions or suggestions, email us at clayeditor@pottersschool.org.


  1. So glad to hear the site’s getting worked out! I love the new layout!

  2. I was wondering what happened to all the sports column articles. They seem to have just disappeared!

    • We have actually relocated the sports writers to different sections and eliminated the sports category. So while the Sports column is gone, the sports themed articles are not. Athlete Spotlight is now located under the Spotlight category, and Sports News and Basketball News are under… you guessed it: News. =P