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TPS Photography Contest 2018

Hello, TPSers!

We’re excited to kick off the TPS Photography contest, hosted by clay this year. In past years, our schoolmates have shown some incredible creativity, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with this year. Read the details below and then fill out the form with your amazing work. We wish you best of luck, and we pray that the talent shown here glorifies the name of our Creator!



Annalee Rheedraw & Jefferson Thomas,

Your 2018 Contest Hosts



Fill out the form below to sign up (deadline for signing up is March 24th).

You may enter as many categories as you want but on one (1) photo per category: Portraiture, Landscape, B&W, and Light Painting.


All photos must be taken after February 7th, 2018.

Judging will end April 9th. Judges will determine the winners of each category, then determine the final winners of the entire contest for prizes. The overall competitors will be a total of nine contestants three from each category competing with the same photo for the prizes.

Photos will be submitted by completing form with optional EXIF data and the categories to place them in. EXIF data will have no influence on the contest, but will give the judges a better look at the photographer’s style. EXIF data, include focal length, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
Can be found through a tutorial or

NOTE ON LIGHT PAINTING: This is a separate, experimental category which Jefferson will be judging on his own. Light painters aren’t in the running for the overall prizes, but the first placed winner will be featured on the clay Insta.

1st overall: Certificate, Insta feature, and being featured on Clay Magazine.
2nd overall: Certificate, Insta feature
3rd overall: Certificate.

If you have any questions please email


Annalee Lael Rheedraw (Portraiture)
Raelen VanDuzer (B&W)
Halle Kill (Portraiture)
Jefferson Thomas (B&W, Light Painting)
Josh Harb (TPS Alumni) (Landscape)



  1. What is light painting?

    • It’s a form of photography using a long exposure and a moveable lighting source to illuminate areas of the photo you choose. You can also literally “paint” with small bright lights like lasers or flashlights. It’s worth looking up! We may publish some info on it in the future.

  2. Hey, are we allowed to submit more than one of our photos in the same category?

  3. Oh my bad, I guess I should have read the instructions better, just use my submission of the two stork if that is ok.

  4. How much post-processing is allowed? Cropping? Changing contrast, saturation, etc.? Blemish removal?

    • Hi Darrel, yes, all editing is allowed. In the past, we did set restrictions but this year have decided not to. Thank you for asking!

  5. So (on a phone) can you take a photo of some sort of landscape with the phone upright and submit it as a landscape photo?

  6. What counts as landscape?

    • ^…..can i do a close-up? or does it have to be a far away shot of a large area of land?

      • So to reply to all of that, a landscape can be a wide array of mountains, or just a microscopic view of something. So to say if you took a picture of someone in front of a blank wall, that would clearly not be landscape because it’s focusing on the person. However, if you took a picture of someone in a city, or in a forest, as long as the subject isn’t entirely a person, it will be counted as landscape (that is if you used a person, or any other sort of subject.) Otherwise, landscape generally is a view of some sort of land. Whether it is urban, of mountains, in the mountains, close up view of the mountains. All your choice.

  7. Do we have to be taking a photograpy course to enter?

  8. I accidentally submitted my picture as a landscape, so please judge the one submitted as a portraiture. Thanks! ?

  9. This is kind of unfortunate, but i believe that the landscape photo i was going to submit was taken on the 7th of Feb. 2018 can i still use it?

  10. does the portraiture required to be a person?

  11. If I have a picture that meets the requirements for two categories, like a B & W landscape, can I submit twice??

  12. There is four kinds of pictures, do we have to do all of them? or can we choose the ones we want to do?

  13. is there by any chance a participation award?

  14. Whew! Just submitted. Been pretty stressed trying to figure out what to choose, and it took a lot of restraint not submitting more than one per category! Excited to see who wins!

  15. I submitted my pictures but closed the site afterwords and it shows the same screen it showed before i submitted my pictures! does this mean i should turn them in again?

  16. Thanks so much!
    i was worried about that…
    again, Thanks!