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The Living Violin

Complete and utter silence fills the concert hall. A bow touches the string of a violin. The next moment, the audience stares at the violinist with incredulity. They are left even more stunned when a violin string snaps! Undaunted, the young fourteen-year-old violinist exchanges her smaller violin for the concertmaster’s full-size violin and continues playing the fifth movement of Bernstein’s Serenade with Bernstein conducting her himself. Not too much later, another string breaks, yet again, the violinist exchanges the concertmaster’s violin for another one. Check out her phenomenal work here:

Despite the uncooperative behavior of the violins’ strings, she maintains the beat without a flaw. Welcome to Midori Gotō’s world.

Known simply as Midori, the violinist’s journey as an avid worldwide performer began when she performed with the New York Philharmonic at the age of eleven. After her performance, she appeared on the front page of The New York Times, also developing her musical career. As a musician, she also records songs from the classical repertoire at various music studios. She has even founded several musical organizations and youth projects including Midori & Friends in New York City, a non-profit organization.

At the age of nineteen, Midori made her first appearance at the esteemed Carnegie Hall in New York. She has even performed with the most acclaimed orchestras, including the London Symphony, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, and the Pittsburgh Symphony along with the New York Philharmonic. As an experienced protégé violin performer, Midori also hopes to encourage younger violin students, knowing that the first few years of learning the violin can be a challenge. Another hope she holds is that the popularity of classical music would continue into the modern era.

Now a forty-six-year-old experienced Japanese violinist, Mrs. Gotō continues to perform selected classical violin pieces around the world. Her articulate precision spellbinds her audience every time she plays. Even the most virtuosic classical violin pieces seem effortless to the experienced violinist. Check out one of her performances here:

Every note is comparable to the purest sheet of gold–precise and in tune. Every high note, played in perfect harmony without any distracting screech. She certainly expressions her musical passion through her playing and determination for precision, producing a complex yet true view of a violin’s repertoire if played properly–a violin can be so much more if treated better than a piece of wood and some strings.

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