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I want to write. Pour words onto paper. Fill up pages. Run out of lead.

I want to sing. Pour out my heart. Fill up hours. Run out of breath.

I want to dance. Pour out my energy. Fill up space. Run out of strength.

I want to speak. Pour out my thoughts. Fill up ideas. Run out of words.

But sometimes there’s silence. Sometimes there’s stillness. Sometimes there’s quiet.

I find joy there too.


About the Author:

Name: Micaela Moreau

Age: 15


How many years have you been a part of TPS?

I have spent 3 years with TPS.


What classes are you taking this year with TPS?

I am taking three classes with TPS this year: French 2, Children’s Literature, and Biology.


What are a few of your hobbies?

I grew up reading, telling stories, and dancing—those three things have stuck with me. Now, I take ballet and am attempting to finish a novel.



  1. Micaela that was AMAZING
    I love to read all of your stuff <333

  2. Michaela!!! I love this <3

  3. Niiice. *approves* good job Micaela

  4. Nice job Micaela!

  5. Great job! I like how you wrap up your poem.