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Pursuing the Horizon

Caribbean – A few years ago, I took a cruise on the Caribbean and it was amazing to experience the different cultures of Puerto Rico and Haiti and the other islands.

Castle 3 – This photo portrays the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle near Munich, Germany. This castle was the inspiration behind Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. I visited this amazing place in the mountains during a European road trip I took with my best friend.

Hallstatt Green – Mountains have always been one of my favorite things in this beautiful world, so seeing the mountainous terrain of Hallstatt, Austria was a dream.

Hallstatt – This is the stunning Hallstatt Sea. I traveled here for spring break a few years ago and it took my breath away. There were mountains everywhere and the peaceful atmosphere was so refreshing.

Schonbrunn Castle – Because I grew up in Croatia, I am able to travel to amazing places very easily. For my family, driving to Vienna is sort of like going to Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Phoenix. So, I’ve had the blessed opportunity of seeing the Schonnbrunn Castle so many times and it never ever gets old.

Schonbrunn Garden – This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. The day was absolutely perfect, the gardens were blooming with the fruit of summer, and it was quiet. I’ll never forget this moment and as my best friend put it, “I think on that night, the heavens declared His glory just a little bit louder.”


About the Photographer:

“Bonjour mes amis, my name is Grace. I am an eighteen-year-old Islander-American girl from California and born in Croatia. I’m a fourth-year TPSer enrolled in German 4, Russian 2, and College Psychology. My passion is to capture the beauty of the Creator through the lens of my camera whilst also pursuing the adventure that is just beyond the horizon. An entire world waits to be explored, and I intend to make it happen!”




  1. Wow these are gorgeous! Great job!

  2. WOW! Those pics are absolutely beautiful!