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No One

Running from no one

But no one is after me

I can’t stop before I start to run

And as long as I can run I can keep the key

For when I stop I will turn to insanity

Cause by then, no one will catch up to me

And if no one catches me when I have stopped

Then I must keep on running

Cause if I stop to the ground I will drop

And it is not in no one’s character to be comforting

He would drag me up to keep the chase going

Because no one is as cruel as no one when no one is chasing

Cause when you’re running from no one, no one can beat him

And no matter where you go no one will be there

The problem is that no one will chase you on a whim

And because of this no one would ever dare

And because of this the chase is not fair

But when no one is chasing you no one can compare

Because running from no one is more exhilarating than death

And the amount of people that no one has chased leads me to think that he should have died

But it seems that no one is ever out of breath

So while many have tried

No one is still alive because no one has died


About the Author:

Name Caleb Esatto

I am 16 years old. I am taking Anatomy and Physiology with TPS this year, and this is my first year with TPS. A few of my hobbies include track, basketball, cross country, swimming, reading, and songwriting/music production.

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  1. Nice job (as always ;P) Caleb!