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do you see me?

in that corner,

against the wall,

hanging by a thread.

people drift out on tides

leaving me in their wake

to watch their footprints fade away.

and I wander in the shadow of hope

suspended by strings of alone,

listening to that song



do you see me?

gazing through the pane,

sitting at my desk, head in hand.

maybe there’s a constant in life

wreathing me in comfort

to remind me of the name.

do you see me?

 gather them in my hands–

little pieces of band-aids 

that patch up the rips

left by their




  1. bravoooooooooooo

  2. I love this. So good.

  3. Awesome job!

  4. *applauds* Good job!

  5. This is really well written. I love the shape you create by the words.