Sydney Finch: A Future French Missionary

The camera turns on, emitting a soft click. A small cafe can be seen in its viewfinder. The Eiffel Tower is silhouetted in the background, the scene punctuated by beautiful strains of classical music that seem to live within the very air. One lone table is seen with one chair at each end. Sitting there comfortably, while simultaneously sipping from a green cup and flipping through pages of The Hobbit, is Sydney Finch. Her extreme joy and excitement for life is almost tangible within the air. The videographer sits down at the opposite end of the table and focuses the lens of the camera directly on her face. Sydney looks up and smiles, pushing her book aside.

Sydney: Oh, it’s just you.

Videographer (known as VG from here on out): Are you ready to begin?

Sydney puts down her drink and stares directly at the camera. “Let’s go!”

VG: So, Sydney, how old are you and what grade are you in?

Sydney: I’m 15 years old and in the 9th grade.

VG: How long have you been attending TPS?

Sydney: I’ve been attending TPS for four years.

VG: So, what classes are you taking this year with TPS?

Sydney: I’m taking French 1, Geometry, and English 2.

VG: Oh, that’s really interesting that you’re not taking Spanish. What made you choose French?

Sydney: I’ve always been fascinated by the French culture, and I thought it would be really cool to learn more about the people and their way of life. They need a lot more missionaries over there though, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to study abroad in France during college. That way, I’ll be able to experience the culture and also have a chance to teach other people about God.

VG: That’s truly amazing! Would you consider that to be your dream job?

Sydney: My dream job is actually to be an actress or to work with animals, but I love traveling and want to share the Word of God with others, so that’s why I would love to study abroad.

VG: I love that so much! Alright, so what color do you think you talk in and why?

Sydney: I would say green, because it’s a very diverse color. I feel like I either talk in forest green or neon green. Sometimes I’m able to say very philosophical things, hence the forest green, and other times I can say very funny things, which would be the neon green.

VG: According to Urban Dictionary, an aesthetic is a combination of things that are pleasing to look at. For me, my aesthetic would be colors like yellow and pink, polaroid photos, peaches, honey, stuffed animals, and dogs. What things make up your aesthetic?

Sydney: Pictures of beautiful scenery, like a photo of the Milky Way, or of a forest, or even of a huge mountain range.

VG: When it comes to food, do you prefer yours sweet or salty?

Sydney: Salty.

VG: Do you prefer writing with a blue or black pen?

Sydney: Black.

VG: What helps you to fall asleep?

Sydney: Listening to a thunderstorm outside while I’m lying cozy in bed.

VG: Polaroids or digital cameras?

Sydney: Digital cameras.

VG: Cats or dogs?

Sydney: Dogs, definitely.

VG: CDs or vinyl?

Sydney: CDs.

VG: Planes or trains?

Sydney: Planes.

VG: What country do you want to visit the most?

Sydney: Russia. I actually wanted to learn Russian as my second language, but since it’s in a different alphabet, I decided to wait.

VG: That was probably a good call. What are your three favorite scents?

Sydney: Pine, cinnamon, and fresh flowers.

VG: Lastly, would you rather be the moon or the sun?

Sydney: The moon.

VG: Thank you so much for talking with me!

The videographer stands up, pushing her chair in to the table. Sydney stands too, and the two wave goodbye.

VG: Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Sydney: You too!



  1. Great job!

  2. This is great Kalijah!

    Luv ya Syd!