Daniel Robb: Living for the Lord

Daniel Robb walks into his room and closes the door, sitting down at his desk to write a brief autobiography. Thankfully, he enjoys writing, so it won’t seem too boring, and the columnist interviewing him has sent him prompts for the article that’s getting published about him online for his school newsletter.

He starts writing, starting with his grade. He simply puts “11th grade” as his answer and moves on to the next question with a bit more vigor.

Daniel’s next question to answer has to do with his plan for college, for which he writes that he will probably attend Taylor University, a school in Indiana. He has friends in the area, and his sister attended the college. He doesn’t know what he would like to study, so he answers honestly and continues.

A similar question, the next query has to do with his career plan. As of yet, Daniel hasn’t decided anything for sure, but he does like the ideas of drama, writing, songwriting, and chemistry, so he puts those down as interests. He finishes that answer by saying that whatever he’s going to do, he’s going to fulfill God’s plan for him.

The next question is simple enough and just asks for his birthdate and place, so he writes, “I was born on March 9, 2001 in Beijing.”

He has lived mostly in Beijing, with two brief years in Ohio, and now resides in Ningbo, China. As far as he knows, he’s the only Christian teen in the city. He interacts with college-age adults and 12-year-olds and below instead of peers, which most American teens take for granted

“I absolutely love to write,” he types as the beginning of his answer to the next question about his interests and hobbies, “both stories and music.” He adds reading to his list and expands on his songwriting hobby.

He hasn’t played any sports since soccer several years ago, and he runs for exercise rather than competition. Running is a good way to take some time by himself to think about things, so he appreciates it.

Daniel grins at the next question, which is about his taste in music. He starts writing. He enjoys mostly Christian contemporary music, although he likes classic rock and some indie and alternative artists. He prefers music that is made by a Christian songwriter, even if the lyrics aren’t directly worship lyrics. He lists his favorite artists as Gungor, Sleeping At Last, The Grey Havens, Twenty One Pilots, Andrew Peterson, and Josh Garrels.

His favorite movies are the Star Wars series, although he is very enthusiastic about the Lord of the Rings series, as well as Narnia and Doctor Who.

He’s only taking two classes with TPS this year, Western Lit and Comp: Journeys and Quests, and US Government and Politics. Western Lit is his favorite of the two.

Daniel’s next question to answer has to do with personality, a subject that greatly interests him. His MBTI type is ISTJ, although he purports that sometimes he can probably seem like more of an ENFP. He admits, however,  that ISTJ is definitely the dominant side of his personality. His Enneagram is 5w6, and he jots that down before moving to the next question, which is about his favorite Bible verse.

His favorite Bible verse is from his eponymous book, Daniel, verse 17 of chapter 3: “If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and He will rescue us from your hand, O king.” Daniel loves this verse because it reminds him that even when life is at its worst, scariest, most painful, darkest, and most severe moments, God’s faithfulness is not affected whatsoever. He knows what’s best and will always give us hope.

Daniel’s done with the questions now, and he adds a quote at the end for the readers of the newsletter.

“Coffee is good, sleep always helps, and always remember to put God first. He’s the only one who can fix things, and He always has a plan for how it will turn into perfection when all we see is pain.”

He clicks “Send Email” to the columnist and leaves the room, ready to live another day for the glory of God.


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