1. xD I love the second part.

  2. LOLOLOL I love the whole thing. This is awesome.

  3. haha this is hilarious, especially the fire fish ?

    • ‘Bout two years ago I was messing around with some Legos and stuck a fire piece into a fish’s mouth.
      Now it’s a comic. xD

  4. I love how one of the selling points of the fire fish is that it’s ‘DANGER-OUS’! So funny! Totally something any ordinary kid would be begging his parent to buy!
    Also, I thought the two minifigures were brothers. But now that I know they’re roommates, some stuff makes a lot more sense, like the fact that they have different hair colors.

    • “Mom, can I get a fire-fish? It destroys stuff – I’ve heard it can even demolish a whole home!”
      “Hm, let me think . . . how ’bout a balloon?”

      Yeah – actually, beginning the comic, I had no idea how the two got together, nor what their relationships were. One day I randomly decided they were roommates, and things started making immensely more sense to me.

  5. Erm, legoes don’t have noses in the first place, hahaha!

  6. so awesome and rediculous

  7. very funny

  8. “Brick-Mart: It makes good stuff.”

  9. haa leave it to legos


  11. I want a fire fish…

  12. LOL!!!!! Love this!

  13. Haha! LOLL

  14. In reality there would be no fire fish just a fish-torch 😀

  15. omigosh!! That’s so funny!!