The Clay Podcast

This week we are so excited to introduce the pilot episode of the very first Clay Podcast! Nathanael Petucci, Josiah DeBoer, and Hayden Handel have worked tirelessly throughout break to plan and create this podcast for us so be sure to give this first episode a listen and let us know your thoughts (& what topics you’d like to hear in the future) in the comments below.


  1. I enjoyed this, guys! Great job! (Thank you for referencing Oathbringer, Josiah. :D) Just wondering, what are the requirements for guest speaking and what kind of topics are you looking for as regards to guest speakers? 🙂

  2. Isabel Bettencourt

    Great job, guys! This was really fun to listen to. Looking forward to the next installment!

    And yes, Josiah, thank you for mentioning Oathbringer.

  3. haha even you gotta mention Call Me Maybe when talking about 2012! CARLY RAE JEPSEN FTW!!!!
    In my opinion, 2017 was a pretty great year for music as Carly released Cut to the Feeling, which was well received and a great song.

  4. Nice. Pretty good *nods* though I haven’t listened to, watched, or read any of the stuff mentioned except The Jungle Book movie. Also… the music is sooo loud. It killed my ears x)

  5. The Lumineers produced “Ophelia” in 2012! #LoveDatSong

  6. BTW will the subject of the podcast be announced before it airs? I would love to apply or be a guest if the topic’s music.

  7. Great job you guys! I would love to be a guest on the podcast.

    P.S. I totally think you could probably get Trump on the podcast! :p

  8. As an avid podcast listener and firm supporter of generally nonsensical humor, I enjoyed this podcast immensely. How often will you be uploading episodes?

  9. How do I apply to the Clay podcast?

  10. Great job you guys. This is really interesting.

  11. Well done guys.

  12. Well done guys