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The Next John Williams


Now sixteen years old, Emily Bear of Illinois has already become a mini John Williams. This young lady is a pianist, composer, and songwriter and has been playing and composing jazz, soundtracks, pop, classical, and much more. As a popular pianist, she’s already performed at Carnegie Hall, the White House, Lincoln Center, and the Hollywood Bowl. She was even the youngest to receive the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award. Over the years, she earned multiple other awards for her jazz music and orchestral music. Due to her love of film music, she has composed 6 national commercials for Weight Watchers ‘Simple Start’ campaign. One of her musical mentors once claimed, “She is the complete 360-degree package, and there are no limits to the musical heights she can reach.” Though a protégé, young Emily Bear is still a normal girl bearing a gift that God bestowed on her.

Since the age pf three, Emily Bear has been composing and playing the piano, and by the age of four, publishers began publishing and sharing her music all over the world. Her compositions have not only gained recognition, but they have aided others–each of her five music albums have been dedicated to different charities, providing them with a huge sum of money. She has performed worldwide in public, as well as on many different TV stations including the Disney Channel, ABC Nightline, the Ellen Show, and the NPR Radio among many others, aided by mentor Quincy Jones. He taught her to play jazz and even helped produce her first album, Diversity.

Though a very gifted musician, Emily Bear believes the title of protégé has a negative effect. She does not think she has a special gift, because she simply uses music for fun and inspiration–it’s just a hobby. Any person watching Emily could sense the enthusiasm she is feeling. Her bright smile, her relaxed posture, and concentrated mind all prove her joy in music. People around the world send her letters telling her how she inspires them, drawing them into the musical world. Her humility, too, has blessed the hearts of many.

So how do these songs come to Emily Bear? Apparently, they arrive at random moments. Sometimes they burst onto the scene when her mother is making chocolate pudding or even taco salad. She finds inspiration in essentially anything. This makes it easy for her to improvise. If someone simply describes a scene, a color, or an expression, for example, she can create an improv piece right on the spot. Check out some improvisations here:

In spite of the fact that Emily Bear has great talent, we must remember that it’s not a gift she has given to herself. On the contrary, it is a gift from God. He alone is the gift Bestower, and He does this so that we may glorify his name. Some glorify God through their attitude and their gospel ministry, but Emily Bear glorifies God through her musical talents, her love for music, and her humble nature.


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  1. Wow!! I had never heard of her and I just went and looked her up. As a pianist this is just astounding to me!! Thanks for sharing!! Her “Les Voyages” Is marvelous!!

  2. Alexandra Turnbull

    One of my friends played with her!