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Follow Your Gut: 2017 Year in Review, Food Edition

As we wrap up 2017 and head into 2018, I decided to present food enthusiasts with something a bit different. Looking back through the year that brought us the Vegas shooting, the latest royal engagement, Taylor Swift’s Reputation, Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad, the hype surrounding Wonder Woman, and the #MeToo campaign, it boggles my mind how many different trends and events occurred in 2017. However, you came here specifically for a foodrelated article, not a pop culture year in review (for the pop scoop, check out clay’s pop culture analysis column by Cassie Disharoon!), so enjoy this flashback through some of 2017’s tastiest, strangest, and most Instagram-worthy edible trends.


Charcoal Everything

It seems I can’t go a single month without seeing a new charcoal food product. Seriously, with its surprising hue and supposed health benefits, this stuff was everywhere this past year! 2017 saw the rise of black ice cream, black health drinks, and even black burger buns; it seemed no one could get enough of charcoal-infused food.


Unicorn Food

After the short launch of the infamous Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, we quickly were flooded with unicorn-themed everything. The unicorn craze seems to ensure that any food featuring pastel colors, rainbow sprinkles, and the moniker of the mythical beast is likely to be a hit. I even saw “unicorn bagels” being sold on a flight recently.   



Although not quite as popular as the prior two trends mentioned, freakshakes too have had their moment to shine. For all who are unaware, freakshakes are milkshakes loaded to the point of the extreme. Like whole-donuts-and-slices-of-cake-in-a-glass extreme.


Latte Art

Although this has been around for a while, latte art has shone quite a bit in pop culture lately. As Instagramming food becomes all the more common, art on your coffee seems to be a nobrainer. I mean, come on, look how pretty it is!


Have another favorite 2017 food trend? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Wowowow, those look really good! (Just really really over the top…)

  2. Imagine a unicorn-themed charcoal freakshake paired with latte art. xD

    • Would you like a freakshake composed of charcoal milk and rocks with a latte art of a unicorn on top?