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4 Novels That Rocked 2017

Thus 2017 comes to a close. Although I’m sure 2018 has great things in store for us bibliophiles, I’d like to give 2017 a proper farewell, and what better way to reminisce than to compile a list of all your favorite 2017 book releases?  So, without further ado, I present to you a literary snapshot of 2017.

  1. Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

No, this one didn’t make the list just because it’s the Veronica Roth, author of the hit trilogy Divergent. Roth’s Carve the Mark proves her to be the astounding writer and profound thinker she is. Set in a galaxy where a force called the “current” runs through each individual, giving them unique gifts, the story follows Cyra, the younger sister of the tyrannous ruler Ryzek, of the Shotet people. Cyra is cursed with the “currentgift” of pain. She constantly feels it, and delivers it to whomever she comes into contact with–at least, until Cyra’s brother kidnaps Akos and Eijeh, two boys from the Thuve tribe, with whom the Shotet share a planet. In an attempt to use Eijeh, an oracle, to see into the future and conquer the Thuve people, Ryzek hands Akos over to Cyra as a slave. Akos’ currentgift of healing allows Cyra to attain power over her pain and become the free person she was meant to be. In a world full of violence and political corruption, Roth paints a beautiful picture of hope, friendship, loyalty, and love that reaches to the end of the galaxy.

          2. Literally by Lucy Keating

Although Keating’s humorous romance is more lighthearted than Roth’s Carve the Mark, this piece should not be underestimated. The story centers around Annabelle, a girl who thinks she has her whole life figured out–until one day her parents announce that they are separating and selling the house. Great. Oh yes, and on the same day, award-winning author Lucy Keating shows up in Annabelle’s fiction class and tells Annabelle that she’s a character in one of Lucy’s yet unfinished books. A book about a book, Keating’s story explores what it means to make one’s own decisions and accept the unpredictability of life. The novel’s unique exploration of individuality grants it a place on our 2017 booklist.

3. City of Saints and Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson

Anderson’s thriller follows the story of Tina, a girl who has been living on the streets for years since her mother’s murder. Devising a complicated scheme to exact revenge on her mother’s murderer, Tina joins a street gang and breaks into the home of Roland Greyhill, the man she suspects of the crime. However, all does not go according to plan. Kidnapped by Greyhill’s son Michael, Tina is eventually forced to accept that Greyhill was not the killer. In a thrilling rush of drama and revelation, Tina’s world is turned upside down as she comes to realize that, ultimately, revenge solves nothing.

          4. Renegades by Marissa Meyer

For those Marvel Universe fans out there, Meyer’s novel is the one for you! In a world of superheroes and supervillains, Nova joins a band of anarchists who seek to organize an attack to overthrow the superheroes who run their world. However, during the siege, Nova stands face-to-face with a new superhero whose identity is unknown. Nova makes it her mission to discover the true identity of this “Sentinel,” as he calls himself, inserting herself as a spy to infiltrate the superhero ranks – and what she finds is beyond her wildest suspicions. Meyer’s lively superhero tale, though not especially profound, touches on overcoming loss and prejudice and exhibiting bravery in the face of hard times.

Thank you, authors, for making 2017 so memorable in the literary world. I look forward to seeing the drama and adventure that await us in 2018!

Comment below with some of your personal favorite 2017 releases (because seriously, what else am I going to do over the holiday break besides read?). Happy New Year!


  1. Oh wow! I’ve actually never heard of these four. Going to look them up now

  2. I actually read Renegades this last week and wow that was an awesome book. Great article and good recommendations!

  3. I just finished Renegades yesterday, and I loved it! I can’t wait for the sequel that comes out this November! The other books look really good–I’ll have to check them out:)

  4. The books you reviewed sound really interesting! I read a couple classics over winter break:
    – Pride and Prejudice (by Jane Austen)
    – Till We Have Faces (by CS Lewis)
    – Wild Swans (by Jung Chang)
    (and I reread a little bit of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee). I think they’re all good books although they were not published in 2017.