Top 3 Young Male Soccer Players of 2017

Based on my analysis while watching them play this year, I have determined the top three rising male soccer players of 2017. These three younger soccer players have risen in the ranks this past year and have achieved much acclaim for their skill.

*NOTE: Because this article was written a few weeks ago, the statistics may be slightly outdated.

#1.  Christian Pulisic

Age:  19

Height:  5’8″

Birthday:  September 18, 1998

Hometown:  Hershey, PA, United States

National Team:  U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team (#10)

Club Team:  Borussia Dortmund, BVB (#22)

Position:  Midfielder

From the age of 17, when he made his first national and club team debuts, Christian Pulisic has continued to amaze many fans, players, coaches, and soccer pundits.  At 17 years and 349 days, he became the youngest member of U.S. Men’s National Team to score a goal–he may well be the greatest American soccer player ever: he’s on track for breaking all the records set by Messi and Ronaldo at his age.

As of right now, Pulisic has played 70 games for Dortmund and has scored nearly ten goals in a BVB jersey. For the national team, he has 20 caps and nine goals since his first game. One reason that he plays so well on the field is his relatively low center of gravity (he stands at 5’8″). That physical characteristic allows him to quickly move the ball around the field and be a skillful playmaker. Despite his many major record-breaking accomplishments, Christian tends to downplay his skill, saying in interviews that he is not a “wonderkid” (as he has been dubbed), but he just someone working hard to do what he loves.


#2.  Kylian Mbappé

Age:  18

Height:  5’10”

Birthday:  December 20, 1998

Hometown:  Bondy, France

National Team:  France Men’s National Soccer Team (#12)

Club Team:  Paris Saint-German, PSG (#29)

Position:  Forward

As I write these words, Kylian Mbappé has just scored a goal off a header for PSG against Bayern Munich in a Champions League group stage game. The recent winner of the Golden Boy award for the best young player in Europe, Mbappé first came to international acclaim when he made his club debut with Monaco and scored 15 goals during the 2016-2017 season. Since this past fall, he has been loaned to PSG by Monaco, making 17 appearances with PSG, and scoring nine goals. He also recently set a new record by becoming the youngest player to score ten goals in the UCL. With the French national team, he has ten caps and has scored one goal since his debut this year. Many soccer commentators and pundits predict that with his current progress and skill set, Kylian will become one of the greatest young soccer players yet.


#3.  Marcus Rashford

Age:  20

Height:  5’11”

Birthday:  October 31, 1997

Hometown:  Manchester, England, U.K.

National Team:  England Men’s National Soccer Team

Club Team:  Manchester United (#19)

Position:  Forward

As I write these words, Marcus Rashford (like Kylian Mbappé above) has just scored the winning goal for Manchester United against CSKA Moscow in the UCL group stage, helping United qualify for the Round of 16.  Along with Kylian Mbappé, Rashford was also nominated for the Golden Boy award, although he did not win the award. Ever since Rashford joined Manchester United in the fall of 2015, he has made 95 appearances and scored 27 goals.  For the English national team, Marcus has 15 caps in total and has netted two goals, one of which caused him to become the youngest English player ever to score a goal with the England Men’s National Team. One of the unique things about Rashford is his style of play and his versatility in the attacking third. Countless fans look forward to seeing what Marcus Rashford will do with his special skill and talent.


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