It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Why?

Remember the 5:30 AM Christmas mornings when you were little? When you couldn’t wait for the clock to hit 6:30, because the night before, Daddy told you, “You’re not allowed to wake me up until this clock says six-three-zero, okay?” When I ponder those ghosts of Christmases past, I find that most of my excitement has turned to nostalgia, the awe and wonder in my memories turned by time to sentiment.

(through the eyes of a child)

Can we regain that awe? When childhood is gone, can we ever see Christmas through childlike eyes? With a six-year-old in my house, I’ve gotten to re-experience the coming of Emmanuel in a new light as we explain the nativity, the candle lighting, the gifts, the presence of way too much sugar in the house, the love. And that’s what I’ve realized still means the most about Christmas. It’s the factor that still makes Christmas a transcendent experience–the love that the Son displayed in becoming a human son, the love that still rings as our hearts as we give gifts that echo the greatest Gift ever given to us.

It’s the most cliché idea ever, that love makes the world go round, but it really does, especially at Christmastime. As I look back at photos from my favorite Christmases, I realize it’s love–Love–that made the wonder possible. He created the nativity, the family unit, the St. Nicholas story, and He gives the love that lets me relive the magic of Christmas through the eyes of the kiddos around me. So whatever you’re doing today, look for the love in the little moments. It makes the big moments possible.

Merry Christmas!

Raelen Jade


Clockwise from clay: Halle, Raelen, Jack



  1. Raelen, thanks for the much-needed reminder to cherish Christ today. (Love the pictures! Y’all were adorable.)

  2. I needed this today (I’m very much feeling like the wonder of Christmas is somewhere else for me this year.) Thanks, Raelen–this means so much. <3