Meet Mr. Crosby: Our Seriously Playful History Teacher

Greetings to one of our favorite history teachers, Mr. William Crosby- a very funny and very learned man who has taken the role of one of TPS’s history teachers.

Mr. William Crosby was born on October 22, 1965 in Detroit, Michigan. His dad was a corporate executive with General Motors, which caused he and his family to move frequently: from Detroit to Cleveland to Kansas City, and then to St. Louis where he graduated high school, making him a Missouri boy since 6th grade.

His family was what he considered “casual Methodist Christians.” Prayer was a private thing and the family did not study the Bible together. But after he met Mrs. C, he started going to church with her after college, and became a youth leader with her, taking his faith more seriously.

In 7th grade, Bill Crosby met Lisa Watson, who was wearing a pretty yellow dress and wearing a sweet scent, in a cotillion where he had to dance with her. In their senior year, it was Miss Watson’s turn to ask Mr. Crosby to a dance. Seven years later, it was her turn to say yes. They have been happily married for twenty-seven years and have raised three grown children.

Mr. Crosby graduated from DePauw University, a formerly Methodist college in Indiana, with degrees in Political Science and History and a minor in French. Later, he graduated from the University Of Missouri School Of Law with a law degree. Finally, he graduated from Missouri State University with a master’s degree in History.

It was Mrs. C who began teaching at TPS before Mr. Crosby did. Though Mr. C soon joined as a teacher and has educated students for over 11 years. This year, he teaches Heroes of the Faith (Christian History), Middle School US History, Ancient History, Medieval-Reformation-Renaissance History, World History, US Military History, US and World History Through Film, Dual Credit Western Civilization, and the soon-to-come Dual Credit US History.

One of his most favorite and funniest classroom memories is when a student of his was praying on mic and owned a talking bird. The bird shouted exclamations of “Halleluiah,” “Amen,” “Praise the Lord,” and sung the words “Amazing Grace” all throughout the student’s prayer.

Mr. Crosby, according to the Gary Smalley’s test, is an Otter and a Lion, making him either seriously playful or playfully serious. And according to his children, he contains a great deal of “jeopardy” knowledge that can’t be used in many settings other than the game show and school.

When he is not grading papers or giving lectures, Mr. Crosby enjoys fishing, camping, cooking, playing in his woods, and spending time with Mrs. C.

Mr. Crosby’s favorite foods are home cooked meals, smoked meats, pickles, and gummy candies. He is biased towards dogs, but loves his cat as well. In accordance to his outdoor-loving nature, his favorite color is forest green. He mostly reads theology books and watches a great load of movies, making it impossible to narrow it down to a favorite. If he did, anyway, he would be on record and his film history class would use that against him. To slightly narrow it down, though, he prefers real hero movies to fake superhero ones.

Luke 1: 2-4 is one of Mr. Crosby’s favorite verses. He considers his whole life to be a story about Christian growth, forgiveness, and understanding. He “just loves that verse about bad experiences giving us an opportunity to grow in Christ.”

Mr. Crosby’s favorite Christmas tradition is having his children home and being together with them, though he is also partial to the holiday food. According to him, the most important things to remember about the holiday is that the Magi rode horses not camels, that Bethlehem was known throughout the Ancient Near East as the area where perfect lambs for sacrifice were raised, and that Jesus’ life was for you, not Him.

To conclude, Mr. Crosby has these last words for both students and faculty: “TPS is hard, but so rewarding. My students will appreciate me when they are in college. To the English Department; I simply say MLA blows and Chicago style rules.”


  1. XD MLA blows and Chicago rules! I working in a paper and hopefully it will get a good grade! Mr C for the win!

  2. Ditto JJ. #AncientHistorySquad #DeathToResearchPapers XD

  3. Wow, now I see my teacher in a different perspective.

  4. Woo Mr. C! Totally right.. “MLA blows and Chicago style rules” xD

  5. Wait I never knew he once had a talking bird xDDDD
    I love his classes….. until I have to write a 2500 word research paper in 7 hours *facedesk* procrastination 😛
    also, at camp, he wore this fluffy red wig and scared the crap out of me for a while until i realized it was him ahhhh

  6. Mr. C is the best. Took both of the history through film classes. Sophomore year of history was great! 😉

  7. Yayyyy Mr. Crosby! Can’t wait to see y’all again. =)

  8. Why can’t we use MLA? “Cause we ‘aint no stinkin’ English teachers that’s why.”

  9. Hehe yusss. Mr. C!!

    Ohmystars. The picture of him and Mrs. C though…and he has hair!! *bounces up and down* lol jk.’

    Well written. 😉

  10. woohoo! Mr. C!! I agree to the funny part. hahah… Also, ugh Chicago style–those irritating little footnotes…