Class Reports: AP Statistics


The mere mention of the word “statistics” causes fear and foreboding in high-school students. Yet, statistics does not have to be such a frightening subject.

In fact, it could be an engaging and interesting class, especially if you enjoy data analysis. If you want to explore the fascinating subject of statistics, consider taking Miss Amelia Chan’s AP Stat class. Miss Chan says, “This course engages students in learning how statisticians contribute to our understanding of the world…[AP Statistics] is probably one of the most fun and applicable math class one can take in high school. It is useful in science, tech, economics and social study.” She also says that AP Statistics helps students to grow more aware and discerning of the statistics they may find in economic reports, political campaigns, and advertisements.

This college level course is a rigorous, advanced placement class. Miss Chan says that there is approximately 1.5 hours of homework per day, chapter tests, and two semester exams, along with two projects. Throughout the year, students will practice answering free response questions (FRQs) to prepare for the AP exam. In addition, there is a comprehensive review at the end of the year, before the exam.

When asked what her students will learn in AP Statistics, Miss Chan says students will study theories and concepts of collecting and evaluating data. She also says that students will learn how to study and explore probability, via randomness and simulation. In addition, students will learn how to analyze categorical and quantitative data by making bar graphs or pie charts, and how to design studies by sampling, surveys, and experiments. Other concepts in AP Statistics are estimating with confidence, testing claims, comparing two populations or groups, and many more.

The textbook used in this class is “The Practice of Statistics”, the fifth edition (either hard copy or e-book). In addition, potential students should purchase or have in their possession a graphing calculator and a Graphics Input Tablet and Pen (Wacom Bamboo or a comparable brand and model).

This class is designed for juniors and seniors who want to challenge themselves with an AP math class and have fun in the process. Since this is an advanced placement class, there are some strict prerequisites. Students aspiring to take AP Statistics must have successfully completed Advanced Algebra with an 80% or higher grade, or have successfully completed the AP Statistics placement test. Again, since this is an advanced placement class, students have the opportunity to earn college credits by achieving high scores on the AP exam.

So if you are a math nerd, or you simply enjoy to challenge yourself, consider taking Miss Chan’s AP Statistics. Not only will you learn fascinating information while having fun, but you will also develop valuable life skills. Learning how to interpret statistics is vital, especially in today’s world.



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