Artificial Intelligence: How it is Being Used More and More

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is slowly becoming commonplace in the business field, the medical field and even in personal homes. Technology such as Alexa from Amazon is now used constantly in homes for simple tasks, while other artificial intelligence technologies are impacting the medical and business fields.

Once the Amazon Echo is connected throughout the house, one can do many tasks by just saying “Alexa” and then stating the question or statement. The Amazon Echo can make calls, play music, control the house, and many more functions. It can control the lighting, thermostat, and even the locks.

The Echo also has the ability to entertain children by telling them a bedtime story. Amazon has also started working with third-party companies so Alexa can control robot vacuums and products that can be used for yard work. Imagine not having to mow your lawn or vacuum your room! The newest technology to feature Alexa are sunglasses. These sunglasses can work with Alexa from almost anywhere and can connect to any smartphone. However, this technology has some setbacks including a microphone that is always on, raising major concerns about privacy.

Many companies use artificial intelligence, such as the business software DOMO, to gather information and make strategic decisions. DOMO extracts data from third-party apps to show the performance of a product. The software DOMO can also detect patterns or any changes in the patterns to help companies make an ideal investment in the market.  Apptus is an application that determines the best products for a consumer. It sends a recommendation to consumers based on searches they have done on the internet and can predict future searches as well. In factories, there is an artificial intelligence that tracks the machinery used in different plants and observes performance. AI can help businesses’ production by completing administrative tasks.

Artificial intelligence is also used in the medical field to determine cancer and other diseases. AI algorithms are being created by Google to determine if a patient has tuberculosis. The determinations had an accuracy rate of 96%, very high compared to the determinations of human radiologists. Other AI technology can track how much breast cancer has spread in a patient by observing a gigapixel image.  Artificial intelligence can observe a gigapixel image easily, while a human pathologist will take much longer to observe and identify how much cancer has spread.

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      The cost of artificial intelligence can vary with the complexity of the technology. The Amazon Echo price ranges from 50 dollars to 230 dollars, plus all the technology needed to connect it to light fixtures and other technology around a personal home. The DOMO software required a 500 million dollar investment and the medical AI is costly as well.

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