Are Toy R/C Vehicles Pieces of High Quality Tech?

Small, toy grade, RC quadcopter and other airborne vehicles seem ubiquitous online and at stores. Most of these are cheap and break sooner or later; therefore, parents and kids alike are frustrated with them.


(Image from Xreme RC drone with camera) However, better quality drones can be purchased for more, but for a better return. Not only are good quality RC drones incredible fun, the same technology can be taken to a higher level for a myriad of different work. This higher technology is called UAV technology, or just UAV’s which stand for Unmanned Arial Vehicles. These can range from remotely controlled aircraft, or hovering vehicles for shorter distances and easier tasks.

UAV Technology is most recognized, and definitely most important in a military application.  The










(Image from drones to be rebranded with soothing new name: Government accused of whitewashing over killer flying robots)

Predator RQ-1 and its sister the MQ-9 Reaper are key for flying long-range reconnaissance missions, in dangerous airspace, or to assist other fighters. Pilots control the Predator system in a remote-controlled fashion from the ground. This is what makes it different from other traditional aircraft. Pilots can see the landscape and airspace around the Predator from onboard cameras. These drones have played a massive role in the wars in the Middle East, providing air support for ground troops as well as decimating high-risk locations or important enemy leaders. Although they cost as much as any conventional airplane such as the F-22 or F-35, the Reaper and Predator do not put a pilot’s life in danger. This is one major benefit to these UAVs. The technology behind the navigation and flight characteristics of the Predator and Reaper is fascinating. First of all, the warfare UAVs can be stripped of weapons and cargo to make them light and small. They take this form when the military wants to use them solely for reconnaissance. Reconnaissance, or recon, is when a group of soldiers or aircraft with a camera system investigate the movements and position of the enemy.   Conversely, when the military seeks to decimate a target—whether a person, building, or area—the Reaper and her sisters are equipped with massive amounts of firepower. Several different kinds of missiles and machine guns are placed under or in the drone, transforming it into a war machine. The on-gound pilots track the precise location of the UAV through various satellites. Although these war-birds cannot hover in the same fashion as a helicopter, they can fly in a precise circle around a target—thus keeping that object under surveillance at all times.

Another extremely useful application for this technology is in search and rescue missions. Anything      (Image from mdMAPPER1000)

from police work to lifeguarding, these drones can do it all. One company, Microdrones UAS, has one basic drone model which can be outfitted with multiple units to fit a specific task. These fabulous pieces of tech can drop flotation devices to drowning swimmers much faster than a life guard could reach them. Drones out-fitted with firefighting units can access remote locations. More uses include mapping, surveying, inspection, construction, agriculture, mining, public safety and monitoring.  Although this piece of tech currently cannot lift, carry, or transport people, it can alert other search parties and enable the person in danger to receive help in the fastest way possible. Thus, the UAV technology is progressing in different forms in order for humans to be protected and accomplish things more quickly.

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  1. Hehe my brother and I have a relatively crappy drone that doesn’t work half the time

  2. I guess RC drones are usually just fun toys. I have one that has a special button to flip; its pretty cool.