The Potcast

Greetings my fellow TPS students! Today, I, Nathanael Petucci, am proud to announce the creation of Clay Magazine’s very own podcast!

What is The Clay Potcast? The Clay Potcast (pun intended) will be a bi-monthly, 30 minute series where 3-4 long term members of the podcast and I will discuss current events, culture, the arts and entertainment, media, and politics! But that’s not all, for The Clay Potcast will also feature interviews with teachers and former TPS students (and perhaps a few special people if possible)! Not to mention there will be a chance for someone to be a special guest member, per episode, to talk alongside the main cast!

When will the podcast start? The podcast will have a pilot episode air at the beginning of TPS Christmas break. Only two weeks from now! Once the episode is released, you will be able to access it via The Clay Magazine website. However, The Clay Podcast still needs members! Within these next two weeks, students can submit their applications to be a long term member of the podcast!

To apply, you must read the following requirements and express your willingness to abide by them. Then scroll down to the short response section, and answer those questions as well.

The requirements to be on the Podcast:

1. All 3-4 long term members must have good quality mics. Their voices are distinct, crisp, and what they say can be clearly understood by the audience. And their voice is the only noise that can be heard over their mic. No loud, constant background noise, such as the whirring fans on their laptop.

2. All long term members must be dedicated and appear for the podcasts every single time, twice a month, for 30 mins each time. Only if they’re limited by most extreme of circumstances (i.e., natural disaster, personal family issues, someone is in the hospital, someone has died, they personally have suffered from a severe injury, they’re on the road and thus have limited access to tech, there’s a wedding, family reunion, or church commitment.)

3. They will adhere to the TPS Standards of Conduct, as stated here. Specifically regarding the rules about Parental Oversight, Respect and Kindness, Modesty and Decorum, Advertising and External Links*, and Romance and Flirting**

4. Parents of the long term members will have to give their approval, as well as the parents of the children who will be the guest members of an episode.

*No promotion of products on the podcast

**No romantic discussion or flirting between members of the cast; Discussion of romantic relationships in news, media, culture, movies, music, etc will be permissible if it’s discussed in an age appropriate  and God pleasing manner.

The Clay Potcast will be discussing current events, culture, the arts and entertainment, media, and politics. There is a continual ebb and flow of information regarding these subjects. Please answer the following questions with 2-3 sentences to demonstrate your engagement in these areas of discussion.

1. What is recent scandal surrounding Michael Flynn about? (Current Events/Politics)

2. How will Taylor Swift’s new album set the standard for pop in the coming months? (The Arts/Culture)

3. What is the uproar about around EA’s implementation of a microtransactions system in Star Wars Battlefront II? Why do people call the microtransaction system (which involved real world money) “predatory” and “gambling”? How will the rage against this kind of monetary system within Star Wars Battlefront II affect future games? (Entertainment/Media)

4. What were the biggest and most anticipated movies that came out in 2017? Which hugely anticipated 2018 movie just had a trailer revealed for it? (Entertainment/Media)

5. How are the tax protests affecting American perception of the government? (Politics)


Email your application to Nathanael Petucci at fluffypig77@gmail.com


  1. This is so cool! I want to be a guest member.

    (I can talk about Carly Rae Jepsen)

  2. The Potcast sounds interesting, but before I decide to apply, I would like to ask two questions:
    How long does the Potcast run (all year round? Until the end of the school year?)
    Are topics given to the members beforehand so we can research the given topic before going on the mic?

    • Yes Trigger, the topics will be given to the cast members beforehand. And if the pilot episode of the podcast is successful, we will continue to do it until the end of the school year, at least on clay. Hope your two questions have been answered so you can decide to apply. Also, email me at fluffypig77@gmail.com if you apply because I’m the one who runs the podcast.

  3. All the drug references/puns make me like really uncomfortable (for lack of a better word) and like really happy somehow xD it’s weird…

    • uhhh I don’t think the name is supposed to be a drug reference… it’s supposed to be like “Clay Pot.”

  4. Just wondering, but how many applications have you gotten so far?

    (Will probably apply in the next day or so and wants to size up competition)

  5. And we have a contributer!

  6. This sounds so good! Just a quick question, do we have a live meeting/recording for each episode? If so, when? I go to school during the day. Thanks!

    • The meetings are pre-recorded. They are not going to be live. And the times when we pre-record will be determined based on how well all 4 members of the podcast can coordinate our schedules. This however, does not mean every recording time will be haphazard and random. Instead we will try to formulaically align the recording times with the our regular schedules. That way, over time, the meetups to record the podcast episodes will become part of our regular schedule over time.

  7. About the Star Wars Battlefront thing…
    A lot of apps have offered the option to buy random things to advance in the game faster (for example in Star Wars Commander buying crystal for hard cash can help you go faster) but I think all the outrage about paying money in Battlefront is because Battlefront is already a really expensive game.

  8. Will y’all provide a place where one can subscribe to the podcast??

  9. I think that its great that there will be a discussion on Politics. There are so many things going on in our world that need to be scrutinized and pried apart and any time that students can get together to look at these things in the Light of God’s Word is time well spent. Keep up the good work, y’all!