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The Inseparable Bond

The inspiration for this poem came from baking cookies with my siblings over Christmas break!

The cozy, warm protection of our home on PJ days

Infinite love for one another

Enjoying sister bonding time baking tasty treats

Powdery white flour capped noses

The post-baking crackling fire cuddles

Warm embraces of a little body to yours

I am so glad to spend these moments together

Cherishing each moment with the one I love,

Because sister ties together are so special and sacred


About the Author:

Name: Makenzie Davis (Guest Columnist Editor for Clay Magazine)

Age: 17


How many years have you been apart of TPS?

This is my 7th year with TPS!


What classes are you taking with TPS this year?

U.S. History, English 4/5 British Literature and Composition, Theology Matters, and U.S. Government and Economics


What are a few of your hobbies?

Dance, piano, sewing, and horseback riding!


How did you hear about Clay Magazine?

I have known numerous people who have worked as part of the Clay Team, but I guess I really heard about Clay through the forums and advertisements on studyplace. Becoming a part of this wonderful team myself this summer, I learned of the name change from The Cracked Pot to Clay from our Senior Editors: Jack, Halle, and Raelen. Now, I am the Guest Columnist Editor and Social Media Head! Follow Clay Magazine on Instagram and Facebook @tpsclaymag !

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