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Strength–Flood Me

**Note to reader: You may notice I used caps when referencing God in this piece. The lowercases are intentional–used as a way to highlight how God is foremost in everything.

Father, each day as i walk, fill me with a strength only You can provide. give me the strength to forge through the joys and sorrows, the healing and the pain. when the seas of life overthrow me, wave after wave of lies, taunting my downcast soul, Father, You wash me with waves of strength–a strength that diffuses in my soul, a fragrance that lives and breathes in me, an overwhelming presence that leaves me yearning for more, yearning only to live by Your power.

Father, plant in me Your wisdom to do Your will, to speak Your words, to shine Your light. Grant me a feeling of peace that surpasses all understanding, to accept hardships as the pathway to peace, to be Your peace in a peace-starved world.

Father, each morning as i rise to a new day, mercy-filled, i ask You to give me the strength to walk that narrow road to Your open arms, where i rest in You and am renewed before yet another day of fighting the evil one.

Father, as the world keeps moving and changing, let my world revolve around You, and only You. thank You for Your ever-amazing, never-changing love.

Father, grant me the blessing of blessing the souls around me– that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love. for it is in giving that i receive, it is in pardoning that i am pardoned, and it is in dying that i am born to eternal life. 

Father, flood me with Thy strength. keep my heart close to Thine.

let Thy goodness, like a fetter, 

bind my wandering heart to Thee. 

prone to wander, Lord i feel it, 

prone to leave the God i love. 

here’s my heart, Lord, take and seal it. 

seal it for Thy courts above.


About the Author:

Hello there, I’m Charis! I’m 16, and this is my first year as a TPS student. I’m currently taking the Starting Points class with Mr. Monfreda, and it’s lots of fun! I found Clay Magazine on one of my expeditions into the world of StudyPlace. As a former class magazine editor, I was thrilled to find out that TPS had its own magazine! I have a passion for all things art –literature, culinary arts, music, needlework, photography, fine arts, dance, and lots more. Aside from that, I enjoy learning about personalities, psychology, leadership, and communication. I love getting to know people, so feel free to drop me a hello anytime!

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