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“Lutes Will Sing! Pipers Play!”

God has given each person unique gifts. Those may include the speaking, teaching, writing, editing or a wide variety of other abilities; each of the following musicians has the unique talent of music. God gives this gift so that musicians can proclaim God’s glory with their music. Though it may not be with lutes or pipes, all musicians can still glorify God with the instrument they have. When Mary gave birth to Jesus, even the angels of the Lord were playing their trumpets loud above the heavens in the clouds! They were proclaiming their joy at Christ’s birth. All musicians should play for God’s glory because on Christmas day, Jesus was born so that one day He could bear all the sins of the people on His shoulders, paying the price that His people should have suffered.

For our first student musician, meet Hannah of New Jersey! A violinist, guitarist, and pianist, she enjoys proclaiming God’s glory to serve Him and those around her. She knew that she would be able to “use my musical background to point others to Christ through music, which is what I’m able to do now, mostly by leading worship in my church and the local nursing home.” Her favorite song? Auld Lang Syne, and it is no wonder that it is her favorite song. Its charming, inspiring, powerful Scottish melody shows the people’s joy as they stood around the manger bearing baby Jesus. Hannah states that, “Christmas songs inspire childish wonder you can’t feel at any time except for the most wonderful time of the year. Only Christmas songs take the dreariness of winter and call it a White Christmas…” Having been influenced by her favorite Christmas musician Michael Bublé, she has grown to enjoy jazz and has attempted to imitate his style in her improvisations. Hannah is definitely a saint ready to serve God with the talent He bestowed upon her, her musical style, and her desire to glorify Christ.

A resident of Maryland, Natalie Finch pours her heart into the music she produces through voice and piano. Throughout her musical experience, she has welcomed the encouragement and critique of her teachers to help her improve her melodic skills in order to glorify God. It is no wonder that her favorite Christmas song is Silent Night. She explains, “It’s such a good recount of the birth of Christ and… it fills me with hope.” One of her favorite Christmas artists? Amy Grant! Grant’s music has certainly inspired Natalie to sing all the time, but the artist’s music has also encouraged this TPSer to try new musical styles. Her desire to bring others towards God and the joy of His birth is evident in her musical form.

Meet the third musician, Nyah Dufek! Living in Hawaii, she enjoys playing the piano, guitar, and ukulele. She explains, “It is such a blessing and a joy to be serving the Lord with the passion He has given me for music.” Due to her passion, it is no wonder that her favorite Christmas songs happen to be Greensleeves and Silent Night, two very ardent pieces. She also enjoys listening to Lauren Daigle’s music. The artist’s music has inspired Nyah to arrange songs of her own including Salt and Light, a song originally composed by Lauren Daigle. God gave Nyah Dufek a wonderful gift that she continues to use to glorify him.

Meet Julia Ackerson! A pianist in Kentucky, she certainly glorifies God with her gift. Music itself has greatly impacted her life as it serves as a stress reliever. She admits that “I went through a rough patch in my life and music helped me through that time; I don’t know how to say it correctly, but it was like I clung to it. It was sort of like my life jacket, and I don’t think I would have made it through in one piece if I didn’t have music.” Her joy in having music certainly plays out in her favorite Christmas song choice, “Good King Wenceslas.” Throughout her life, Christmas music has aided her since it emotionally uplifts her. “It gets me in the Christmas spirit and focused on what Christmas is really all about.” Because of thanks to God for giving her music, she does all she can to glorify His name since He came to earth for His people as a little baby.

Anyone from the state of Washington? If you are, you’ll just have to meet Madelyn Larson! She enjoys playing the violin, piano, and ukulele because it allows her to express herself. She explains that “music is so much more than a sound; it’s a place for me to go to de-stress, unwind, take out my anger, convey my sadness, or share my joy.” It is no wonder that some of her favorite songs include “Joy to the World,” “Infant Holy,” and “O Holy Night,” three songs that convey intense emotions. Another fan of Lauren Daigle, she explained that “She [Daigle] has inspired me to not only have fun with the music but also to take chances with it and try new styles and techniques because you never know if you’re going to like something until you try it.” For Madelyn Larson, Christmas music “encompasses all the emotions that people experience at Christmas”—jubilance.

When Jesus came down to earth, angels sang for joy and shepherds and wisemen came from far away just to see the lowly baby. Joy—the single emotion that captured each of the angels and men in that moment. Their Savior was born! That is why when Christians play their music, they play it from the heart with joy–because Jesus came down to earth to pay the price that we could not. I urge any musician to understand the joy that comes with music. It’s much more than notes on a page—it’s the music that composers wrote out of passion. Christians write it and play it for God’s glory because of what He did for us, which we did not deserve.

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