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A Christmas Medley

Having a little three-year-old brother in the family means listening to children’s music. A song from the “VeggieTales Christmas Song” album inspired me to write this song. I had been planning to compose a Christmas song for a very long time, but with school, I never had the chance. This Thanksgiving, I realized it would be a great idea just to compose the Christmas medley since I had the time. I guess it was my way of expressing my thanks to God for gifting me with the ability to produce music for the fun of it and, most of all, to demonstrate His glory. Even though this song is not perfect, I hope that it will glorify God in every way possible because he came down to earth as a baby born from a human mother, the Virgin Mary, to set an example and save us from our sin on the cross.

About the Composer:

Name: Jenna Koo

Age: 14


What classes are you taking with TPS this year?

English 3 Lit. Survey, Starting Points, Pre-AP Biology, Spanish 2, Geography for High School, Geometry Honors, and U.S. Government.


How many years have you been apart of TPS?

This will be my fourth year. Go TPS!


What are a few of your hobbies or favorite things?

Playing or composing music, learning more about God, exercising, spending time with my family, and reading.




One Comment

  1. Great job, Jenna! I’ve been listening to a lot of Christmas music too so it’s nice to hear a ton of the songs in one song.